Why are my reviews not showing up on Google Maps and Google Search?

Discover why your reviews are not appearing on Google Maps and Google Search. Learn how to troubleshoot the issue and ensure that your reviews are visible to potential customers.
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Why are my reviews not showing up on Google Maps and Google Search?

Anyone who uses Google Maps and Google search knows how important it is to have access to reliable information such as Google reviews. Unfortunately, sometimes users (including you) may face a problem in which their Google reviews are not visible in Google Maps or Google search.

What could be causing this problem, that customer recommendations or your reviews are not visible in your business or the Google business profiles of other business owners? In this article, we will thoroughly answer this recurring question for you.

Before publishing negative and positive reviews on your business profile, learn Google's rules

If you have opened Google Maps and added an opinion, but your opinion is not visible in your Google business listing, you should consider and verify at the very beginning whether it accidentally violates Google's rules on publishing content on the Internet.

First of all, this includes spamming, insulting, and untruthfulness.
You can find all Google's rules here:

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- Before publishing negative and positive reviews on your business profile, learn Google's rules

- Errors and deficiencies on Google's part - missing reviews or Google review not showing up

- Why I can't see my Google review + verification time

How visible is your business profile on Google

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Errors and deficiencies on Google's part - missing reviews or Google review not showing up

Of course, it's not that everything at Google works perfectly, and we should be aware of that. Google is working non-stop on the algorithms that determine the display of business reviews in search results, and errors can creep in anywhere.

In early 2023, for example, Google reported that missing Google reviews and unpublished reviews in Google business listings that were published from high authority accounts (Local Guide accounts) were largely a matter of their recent erroneous update. This is just one case where Google's service is to blame.

Why I can't see my Google review + verification time

If you've ever published an opinion in front of a business owner who was waiting for it, you could most likely encounter a situation where you saw the added opinion in Google Maps, but the business owner on their device, unfortunately, did not.

This is due to the fact that Google no longer immediately publishes the opinion in the Google business profile but decides to take a good look at it. The person who publishes it, the company to receive it, also checks their Google account well before publishing the opinion..., which takes time.

As a result, you may find that the reviews you or your customers have published may not actually be visible to others in Google Maps and search results until minutes, hours, days, weeks, or not at all...

This means that a business owner may not receive a notification until some time later that they have received a Google review, raised or lowered their average rating, number of stars, and number of reviews.

Can I find out the reason for my Google reviews not showing?

Yes, because recently, Google has started sending emails and displaying information to users that it has not published their Google business review because it does not meet specific guidelines with a link to explain which.

You can also contact Google support - click the appeal button there, and Google will review the opinion again and consider publishing it so it can appear for potential customers.

What kind of reviews should you solicit to MAKE SURE they will be published?

If you are a business owner and you want to make Google's addition of customer reviews more effective, and you want to increase the chance that the review will be published, it is best to contact customers directly who have used your services or products, visit your business location or are from that particular area/area of your business. 

Don't try to solicit and buy any fake Google reviews from people who are not from your area, have no interest in what you offer and have never interacted with your business. Fake reviews (or spam reviews) can work negatively for your business, its visibility, and its ranking on Google.

If you want to acquire more reviews effectively, follow this guide on How to solicit positive Google reviews.


Now you know that if you don't see your reviews in Google Maps or Google search, it could be due to various factors. It could be an error or deficiency on Google's part, a violation of Google's rules for publishing content online, such as publishing duplicate listings, or a long verification time. 

To increase your chances of having your reviews published in your Google listing, contact customers who have used your services or products, have visited your company's location, or are from that particular area/area of your company. Good luck acquiring more Google reviews, the good ones!

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