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Local keyword tracking and the position of your business in local rankings don't have to be another piece of your to-do list. Enable the automatic local rank tracker tool and track your local SERP rankings every week. Constantly improve and stay on top in the local search.
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Discover your position in Google🔥

The first step to improve your local search rankings is investigating your current visibility. Type your business name in our local search rank checker, add phrases your customers may look you by, and see how visible your business is right now.
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Monitor the position of every location🏆

You deserve to know if your activities in local search are paying off. Thanks to local rank tracking, you can quickly measure the effectiveness of your SEO strategy and the actions you have been taking.
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✔️Find out the best keyword for your local pack rankings

Before you even start your grid analysis, our tool will give you information on how popular the keyword is.
And there's more. You will also find out if there are any other similar local keywords that are more popular and more searched! This will give you complete information about which keyword you should be tracking in the local packs.
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Beat competitors and become the first business in the area

Monitor local rank tool is all you need to make sure that your company's Google profile is 100% ready to be ranked number one in the region. Improve your local business on the local listings now.
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Boost your visibility in Google in a blink of an eye

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Quick Improvements
The Local rank checker tells you in which part of the city you can be at the top. This way, you will know where you can improve your local rankings before you even start working.
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Accurate Ranking Data
We deliver the most accurate local Google search results. Turn on our local keyword rank checker and
see by yourself.
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Prepared Action Plan
Create an action plan for all locations and see what you should do to be visible everywhere you can. After we get the local search results, we use our unique algorithm, which creates practical guidelines to improve your business ranking.
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Blazingly Fast
And all this in just a few seconds! Jump into the grid, enter a keyword, turn on the local SERP checker and check your local search rankings reports in the city. Localo is the most simple & powerful tool for improving your organic local ranking. Check local SEO rankings in Google Maps faster than ever.
Local SEO

No need to know local SEO🔥

To raise a position in a given region, check the audit and get guidelines for multiple locations. In it, you'll find the tips which help you to make increasing your business visibility in the region more effortless than ever.Local search engine optimization is easy now!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Localo have Local keyword rank tracking?
Why is your local rank tracker better than others?
Do you have a keyword analysis tool that will show me the monthly search volume?
Can I share the position ranking reports with my colleagues?
Can I checking and tracking rankings for service area businesses (SABs)?
Business owner
"Thanks to Localo, we have grown to be one of the largest training academies in our target areas, having only launched a year ago. We continue to utilize the tool and improve our listings to remain on top."
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Trust Localo and we’ll prove you right 👑

Localo is a vital tool for us to monitor our placement on Google Maps. I have used various tools, and it is safe to say that Localo stands out above the rest. The tool simplifies the tasks needed to keep local ranking relevant :)
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I really appreciate the detailed guidance on updating my business profile and what words to use in my posts. Very helpful tool!
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Dorota Hucał
I have only been using Localo for a few weeks now, and the jump in rankings is truly astounding. I have surprised myself by how easy it is to rank higher, and my client is ecstatic.
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Owner Triangular Force
Within two days, we were #1 on Google we were interested in almost all over the city! I was impressed how fast we saw the results.
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Katarzyna Dobrzyńska
PH Promotor
Localo significantly and within days elevated my Google Business Profile Optyk Nowakowie Radom. From 35th place, I was in the top 10 within a very brief time. All I had to do was follow the hints from the user panel. It was an effortless action.
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Owner Optyk Nowakowie
With Localo we have grown to be one of the largest training academies in our target areas having only launched a year ago.
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Owner Yorkshire Canine Academy - Dog Training Leeds

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