How to ask for Google Reviews

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How to ask for Google Reviews

One review can influence a reader more than an entire website.

Recall opening a Google search to look for a restaurant for a nice dinner with your friends. You type in ‚italian cuisine' and look at the results. There are plenty of Italian restaurants there, and what you pay attention to is the number of stars and reviews. The difference between 3 and 5 stars is enough to convince shoppers to go to the competition. And positive, glowing reviews always beat a poor review.

More positive reviews also mean the higher authority of the company and better visibility of your Google business listing.

What is a high-quality Google review?

Okay, let's get on the same page. The best review for your business should be five stars and include a more extended, insightful description.

Let's say you are a business owner in a hairdressing salon and want to appear high in the phrase "hairdressing salon" results. The best way to do this is to ensure that this phrase appears in the review that your happy customers give you. We have an excellent tool for that, and you will

I know asking for a review can seem awkward or embarrassing. But the truth is people like to give their opinions online—much more than speaking out in person.

I'll show you how to ask for reviews and get more Google reviews for your business in the guide below.

I will share some perfect examples of asking questions that have worked well for other organizations and us and can be used successfully for your business as well.

How do Google reviews impact your business?

  • Users often first read online reviews about a company from existing customers before taking advantage of the company's offerings.
  • Google reviews in the Google My Business profile increase its authority.
  • Online reviews make consumers trust your company more and use it longer/return more willingly.
  • Google reviews influence customers' purchasing decisions - here and now.
  • Online reviews increase the visibility of your business profile on Google.
  • About 85% of users trust online reviews like a recommendation from a friend.
  • Chances of selling a product or service increase significantly when a user comes across positive reviews from other customers that describes how the company or product solved their problem.

How can I get more Google online reviews for my business?

Here is a ready-made and complete list of tips for getting Google reviews. I bet they will help you increase your credibility and visibility on Google, which will translate into sales of your products or services.

Table of contentS

- How do Google reviews impact your business?

- How can I get more Google online reviews for my business?

- How to ask for a quick Google review?

- When to ask for a Google review?

- How important Google reviews are in Local SEO?

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How visible is your business profile on Google

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One: Google Review Poster - HIT!

What if I told you that there's a tool that will give you a customized printable file for your business to request reviews with a unique QR code? That's how Google Review Poster works at Localo.

You can design a review poster for your business in our creator and show it to your customers. Where? We have some ideas!

Where to put a Google Review Poster?

  1. Hang it on the door of your store, office, or salon.
  2. Place the Google review poster on a table where customers are seated.
  3. Display it at the front desk or reception area.
  4. Give it to your customers after they buy a product.
  5. Feel free to mail it to your customers.
  6. Send as a flyer in the package with your product.
  7. Use your online review poster as the last page in your menu.

And much more. You are bound only by your creativity.

We created the Google review poster feature because we know how crucial Google reviews are for the success of your business.

Each poster includes a headline with a clear call to action, a unique QR code, and a manual for your customers to use. What is extremely important is that your customers use the correct phrases when describing your business. Our tool allows you to suggest what they can include in their review. There's also a Google review link that your customers can manually type in.

You can edit some elements, such as the prominent phrases! Easily change the color of your poster or the format you want to print it in.

I will not praise you anymore. See how Google review poster works by yourself!

Two: Offer a discount for a review

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer asked to leave a review in exchange for nothing. Are you dying of impatience to leave a review? I bet if every company did that after some time, you would become insensitive to it.

Try to prepare something for your customers that will encourage them to leave a review, such as a discount on a service or product or a free coffee to go.

Three: Don't ask for a review - Just offer to leave them

Asking every customer to leave a review for your business doesn't look good, and we understand that doing so can feel desperate - asking or begging customers to leave reviews.

Instead of asking the question, "Will you leave a Google review for our company?", react this way to a positive word from a customer to you:

"I am glad that you are satisfied with our service. That is very important for us. Please share your opinion with others if you have time. You can, for example, search for our company in Google and do so. Have a nice day. Best regards and welcome back." :)

To make it even simpler, at this point, you can give the customer a flyer with your unique QR code generated in your profile in Localo. ;)

Four: Summary email to customer or SMS message

Have you performed a service or sold a product? Are you sending a summary email to your customer thanking them for their purchase, sending an invoice, and so on?

You can feel free to add a sentence saying that Google reviews are crucial to your business, so it would be nice if the customer left a review in your company's Google profile.

How to ask for a quick Google review?

There really is no best way for the review requests. It depends on the type of company, and for each company, the "most effective" methods for getting recommendations will vary.

The best strategy is always to implement and experiment with many different approaches. It's always vital to keep your customers informed and able to give you feedback. Honest customer feedback is the key to your business, reviews, and ultimately revenue. Keep an open mind and focus on getting reviews as soon as possible!

When to ask for a Google review?

You need to determine for yourself when it is best to ask customers to leave feedback about your company. However, remember not to make a review request when:

  • You haven't finished performing the service yet
  • The customer hasn't had time to try out/test the product yet
  • The customer has hesitant feelings about the service provided

How important Google reviews are in Local SEO?

Remember that positive reviews in your Google company profile mean high authority, and authority is a Google ranking factor.

You need to know that a company with hundreds of positive reviews in the Google business account will rank higher and be more visible than a business with several times fewer reviews.

Good reviews will make your business more visible to customers who are looking for the products or services you offer.

In conclusion, reviews are a major significant factor in positioning your local business on Google. Not only do they increase your ranking, but they also contribute to increasing trust in your brand. Reading a positive Google review makes new customers not afraid to use your services and more likely to come to you.

Keep up the steady stream of new reviews with our Google Review Poster. We guarantee you will save a lot of time and improve your business's customer experience!

>>Learn about Google review poster

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