Promote your business in the local area and find new customers 📍

Advertise your business to new audiences, stay ahead of the competition and get new customers with Localo, paying a fraction of the cost of hiring a marketing agency.

Get a tailored marketing strategy for your business 🚀

Localo will examine your Google Business Profile and identify areas where you can make improvements that will improve your positioning in local search results.


Find the right keywords for a business in your industry. Localo will tell you which phrases to use.

Necessary profile elements

Check whether your Google Business Profile has all the necessary elements. Complete it and watch your visibility improve.

Number of reviews and photos

Find out how many customer reviews and photos are there in the Google profiles of businesses in your industry and how many you should add to improve your positioning.
°  Monitoring

📈 Monitor your visibility

Your Google Business Profile can be positioned differently depending on the searcher's location. With Localo, you'll see where it's doing best.
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° Tasks

🎯 An intelligent plan to improve your online visibility

Localo makes it simpler to  build visibility on Google. Get tasks tailored for your business profile and complete them regularly to improve your positioning in search results.
° Business Directories

👀 Find directories where your business should be listed

Localo maintains a list of business directories to which you should add your business to improve its Google positioning. Mark the places to which you've already added posts and stay updated with your local citations.
° Review acquisition

⭐️ Get reviews for your business profile

Easily acquire new reviews for your Google Business Profile, build trust among your customers and improve your visibility. Localo will help you respond to reviews efficiently and make it easy for satisfied customers to give you new reviews.

💙Create a free Localo website

A free is not only a fully functional website, but also an entry in the Localo Site Directory that will help you improve your company's search engine visibility. Localo AI will create it for you in a few moments based on your Google Business Profile.
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Mateusz Bachański
"In the first 3 months of using the tool, I noticed an increase in the number of views of my business profile on Google maps by about 30%. In addition, there was an increase in the number of clients who used my services. I noticed that in the first two months of using Localo, I received about 20% more calls from potential clients than before.”
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