With Localo, we increase the visibility of your Google Business Profiles several times faster and better!

Localo improves the quality of KS agency's services and saves them time spent on getting new clients.
Joanna Brożyna
Agencja Ks
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With Localo, we increase the visibility of your Google Business Profiles several times faster and better!

Agencja Ks

Marketing Agency
Operating since
January 1, 2008
KS Agency - people with passion and ambitions! The KS agency is an experienced SEO company which, through years of practice and hard work, has specialized in website positioning. Due to our numerous successes and the recognition of our clients, we are now proud to be one of the best SEO companies in Poland.

Sebastian Żarnowski -  Localo
Joanna Brożyna - KS Agency

Table of contents

- A marketing company located in a peaceful, idyllic place

- How do they take care of their customers

- How is KS Agency using Localo?

- Localo helps them with the sales process and subsequent customer service

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A marketing company located in a peaceful, idyllic place

Sebastian - Can you tell us something more about your company? 

Joanna - We are a marketing agency that promotes companies on the Internet. We dedicate our services to business owners who want to invest in online advertising and thus reach new customers, which will increase sales of their products or services.

Sebastian - Where is your company located? 

Joanna - This is a fantastic place! Our office is placed out of the way in a beautiful and picturesque town in southern Poland. Instead of the hustle and bustle of the city and hundreds of cars around, we have silence, forest, clean air, great paths for walking, and lots of wonderful and kind people around, with whom I have the opportunity to work every day.

How do they take care of their customers

Sebastian - What type of services does the department offer that you manage?  

Joanna - Our department specializes solely in managing, monitoring, and increasing the visibility of Google Business Profiles for our clients. We do this daily - Monday through Friday.

Sebastian - What does that customer service process look like?

Joanna -  It's very simple. The customer comes to us with a problem, and it is mainly the lack of visibility of their Google Business Profile on the Internet. After getting acquainted with the customer's company profile, checking the Google visibility, and learning about the customer's expectations, the sales department prepares a personalized offer based on which we sign a contract with the customer. 

Then such a client comes under my wing. I, in turn, assign a dedicated specialist while constantly monitoring the progress and actions performed for the client. 

The next step is the work of the specialist who:

  1. Thoroughly researches the client's business and market and conducts several interviews with the client.
  2. Prepares an action plan for the first quarter
  3. Adds the company to the visibility monitoring in Localo
  4. Prepares the optimizations with the Localo tool, which after approval, he implements
  5. Reports to the client the work done and the results in the form of a visibility report from Localo

Sebastian - What is your position on the market?

Joanna - Even before we started using the tool, we were one of the many good companies in Poland. Still, the implementation of Localo into the sales department and Google Business Profile department made us one of the best companies in Poland when it comes to service, achieving goals, and reporting the effects, showing the increase in the business's visibility.

How is KS Agency using Localo?

Sebastian - What were the agency's greatest problems before using Localo?

Joanna - You know what, this may sound weird, but in our client acquisition and service process, there was a problem at every stage that we solved, thanks to Localo. 

Sebastian - Can you tell us a little bit of the secret and share your "magic"? 

Joanna - Well, a little bit, I can. ;) So, let's start from the beginning.

Start from check your position

It starts with the sales department itself, who previously, when talking to business owners, couldn't reason with them that their Google Business Profiles were unfortunately invisible to customers in many locations around town.

All has changed with the free local rank checker

From now on, we can easily show customers the visibility of their business in urban areas initially, even before establishing the cooperation.

It works like a magnet for customers.


Another problem was the time needed to perform optimization. There was no such tool on the market yet - we performed practically all analyses and optimizations manually, which consumed a lot of our time and, as a result, a lot of our clients' budgets. 

From now on, we simply enter into an audit of the company in Localo, which creates a ready plan of action for several months in a few seconds.

Joanna Brożyna
Agencja Ks
"We use Localo for over 100 locations, and the number is still growing. The return on investment is incredible, as the work of several people has been replaced by this tool, allowing us to scale the company faster, serve more clients, and, counterintuitively, increase the quality of service. Localo is also rapidly growing and, unlike others, is responsive to user needs."

Last problem

The last problem was that we had to manually develop business visibility reports for our clients for a whole month, which was very important for the clients. Still, it was a waste of our precious time that we could have spent, for example, optimizing a few more Google Business Profiles for the client.

And here are some examples of the pre-and post-optimization grids that we send to our clients:

Localo helps them with the sales process and subsequent customer service

Sebastian - Ok, I already know at which stages and how you use our tool in KS agencies. Can you now briefly summarize what Localo has helped you with?

Joanna - Sure! 

Thanks to Localo, we have increased the quality of our service and the services offered by our agency and saved a lot of time spent on acquiring and servicing new clients, which has had a visible impact on our company's finances those of our clients. 

Sebastian - Great, thanks! 

Joanna - Thanks! 

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