Architectural office takes its marketing into their own hands with Localo

See how the design studio promoted itself in local area and reached new customers thanks to Localo features!
Piotr Poliniak
Bauart Studio
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Architectural office takes its marketing into their own hands with Localo

Bauart Studio

Architecture & Interior design
Operating since
January 1, 2000
Bauart Studio is a Warsaw-based architectural design studio that specializes in designing homes and their interiors. For 20 years, it has been creating individual designs for residential buildings and interiors and arranging them according to the wishes of the investor.


After a period of cooperation with external SEO agencies that wasn't very fruitful, the owner of an architectural office from Warsaw decided to take the marketing of his company in his own hands, he decided to use Localo - it was supposed to help find new clients in the area.

Until now, we have used the services of SEO companies, mostly with poor or short-lived results. These companies mostly positioned those keywords that were easy due to low competition.

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How visible is your business profile on Google

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As it turned out, in order to successfully rank the company's office business profile, a series of actions were needed, using various functions of the application:

  • determining the right keywords that potential customers search for,
  • optimizing the name and description of the company's Google Business Profile so that they contain specific phrases
  • adding relevant photos to the profile, presenting the studio's services and sample implementations to customers,
  • regularly creating articles and publishing them in the profile,
  • getting more customer reviews that would help establish its brand.

Localo helped significantly with the above activities. It suggested relevant keywords so that the studio could promote itself intentionally in certain areas of the city. Thanks to regularly generated tasks, new images began to appear steadily in the company's profile. Localo AI, on the other hand, also helped create engaging posts for which it suggested relevant keyword phrases.

Localo helps promote the company more systematically - in addition to generating tasks, it monitors and helps to write back on the reviews that customers leave on its Google Business Profile. This addresses potential concerns that investors might have when looking for the right design company.

Localo has also helped obtain opinions from our satisfied clients, and has made us realize that these reviews are worth asking them for, so that a real and lasting footprint is left behind after our successful projects (in addition to photos and multimedia materials) to help others decide to use our services.


After using Localo for a short time, it turned out that the design office began to receive requests from clients who had just learned about the company through the Google Business Profile. It was a nice turnaround for the company, which had been gaining new clients mainly through direct referrals from previous, satisfied investors. Localo helped to showcase online the quality of the services offered and confirm it with customer reviews. It also helped to increase visibility for selected local keywords.

Since we have been carrying out the tasks suggested by Localo, we have had quite a few more hits on our website, there are also more and more requests for our services, we have also become visible on maps and Google searches. Calls are slowly starting to come in, not only from referrals anymore, but also thanks to our online presentation.

position map before

position map after

Empowering the business owners to position their companies and reach local customers by themselves is one of the main reasons for which we created Localo in the first place. We are happy to see that it does exactly what we intended it to do!

Good Luck!

Piotr Poliniak
Bauart Studio

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