Classic restaurant near Old Town area gains positive reviews and attracts more clients

See how classic restaurant near Old Town area in Olsztyn gained more positive reviews and attracted new customers
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Classic restaurant near Old Town area gains positive reviews and attracts more clients

Handmade Cafe&Pub

Operating since
January 1, 2016
Handmade Cafe&Pub is a restaurant in Olsztyn, near the Old Town area. Here you can find classic pasta dishes, soups, or burgers. It has been operating since 2016, the current owner took over three years later. It now offers food for both on-site and take-out guests.


A customer looking for a restaurant in a unknown area is afraid of one thing above all else - the letdown. What assurance can they have that even a seemingly inviting place is serving food that is not only edible, but actually tasty? That's why a key element in the marketing of restaurants, especially those located in places frequently visited by tourists, are reviews from previous customers. They are the key factor in convincing hungry people visiting the area and making them trust that the food in a particular place will not disappoint them either.

Owners of Handmade Cafe&Pub also faced this kind of challenge - they needed to gain the trust of not only tourists, but also local residents ordering food for delivery. It could be achieved by gaining new positive reviews in Google Business Profile - the place in which customers most often verify the restaurant's reputation.

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How visible is your business profile on Google

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It turned out that regularity was the key to success. By adding new photos, posts and systematically responding to customer reviews, they were able to improve their position in Google Maps. Localo also played a significant role in this process. AI Assistant, which allows the automatic generation of unique responses to reviews, has significantly reduced the time it takes to write back to customers on their reviews. It also generated to-do lists with tasks which completion affected business' positioning.

Every Monday I check in with Localo to track my profile. Most often I use the option to write back to Google user reviews - I don't have to come up with anything, Localo writes back the reviews itself! All I have to do is confirm the entry.


Looking through the restaurant's profile on Google, it's impossible not to notice the large number of customer reviews. This is one of the key factors of local positioning, especially in the case of restaurant business. The restaurant owner himself has noticed the effects of using Localo - more customers started to come. They are also more likely to leave reviews in the Google Business Profile. Savings are also noticeable - promoted for free on Google, the restaurant no longer needs to spend so much on advertising.

The restaurant attracts more new customers. I can see it in the increased number of new visitors, they are also more willing to give reviews on Google than they used to. Moreover, there is a lot more money left in the company as we don't need to spend much on marketing agencies.

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Running a restaurant has never been an easy business, - as Localo, we're glad we could help!

Dawid Zych
Handmade Cafe&Pub

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