It took me only two days to rank #1 in Google local rankings!

Promotor struggled with low online visibility and 0 customers from the internet. Learn how they got #1 on Google.
Katarzyna Dobrzyńska
PH Promotor
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It took me only two days to rank #1 in Google local rankings!

PH Promotor

Zielona Góra
Operating since
January 1, 1995
The company has been on the market since January 10, 1995. First, she dealt with car electronics and alarms. On January 10, 2001, the assembly of LPG installations began. In January 2016, it became a recommended STAG service.

Weronika Nużyńska -  Content Marketing Manager, Surfer Local 

Katarzyna Dobrzyńska - Business owner, Promotor 

Q: Can you tell us about your business?

A: I have run a family company, Promotor in Zielona Gora, in business since 2004. We are in the automotive industry, fitting cars with internal combustion engines with eco-friendly gas installations, allowing customers to save money and our environment. We aim our services at a very diverse group of people, and so have our customers. 

Q: What have been your techniques for acquiring new customers so far?

A: So far, a lot of our customers have come to us through word-of-mouth, so it's essential to us that we provide quality customer service and that they leave satisfied and keep recommending us. Then the spiral turns. 

I also remember the archival methods used a dozen years ago, i.e., advertisements in the local newspaper, which came out once every two weeks, and in various printed automotive newspapers.

Over time, when the time came that you were either visible online or not, we realized that we also had to be present on the internet. We started a profile for our business in a national business directory. We paid a fee for it every month, but it provided us with an influx of new customers. 

With Localo, you can do it easier with a business citations feature that is a part of our audit. It automatically generates a list of business directories and sites where you should mention your company to achieve even better visibility on Google. This list is generated personally for your business based on your competitors and industry.

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How visible is your business profile on Google

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Q: What problems have you faced in terms of customer acquisition?

A: Many of our customers knew us in our city by sight or word of mouth. Many of our existing customers also passed our number to their friends, who then called us and made an appointment. 

We didn't have any recognition on the internet and built a brand online. After typing the phrase 'auto gas,' our company was not displayed, so there was no possibility that someone from the outside, who had never had any contact with our company, would reach us. It was difficult for an internet customer to get to us. Our website is also not well positioned, so there were practically no Internet clients.

And our competitors are working, so the phone rings at their place. The customer didn't know about us, even if we guaranteed better service. 

Referrals also do not guarantee a steady stream of new orders. Currently, many new clients come to us because they searched for such a service on Google, and we were displayed to them first.

Q: What made you decide to try Localo?

A: I was looking for information on optimizing my company's Google Business Profile well. I came across a blog post that confirmed that the Google Business Profile is an excellent source of new customers and that there is a tool called Localothat can help me with this. They got me interested, so I explored the Surfer Local website after reading the article. 

In addition to learning about the app's features, I also checked how my business currently displays to potential customers on Google using the local rank checker that Localo provides for free on their website.

With this tool, I was able to check the average position of my business, and I also saw how high on the list it displays to people in different parts of the city. Let me say, I was not happy with how it looked before I started optimizing!

I realized that, just as I suspected, I needed to increase the ranking of my business on Google to be visible in search results. When I found out there was a tool that would tell me step by step what to do to be in Google's top 3, it was a no-brainer. I was impressed with how powerful yet simple the Localo audit tool was from the very beginning. 

I had a consultant help me with the implementation, so I learned a lot of features, how to navigate the application, and what to do to be successful.

Q: What was your first reaction to our product?

A: I thought: Oh wow, how simple it is. I had spent so many years figuring out how to get my business to show up higher in Google search results, and it took literally just a few steps. I always thought it would be more complicated than it was and that it would take a lot more time. And it was super simple, and we saw the results very quickly. 

I also really liked the Google review poster feature, with the QR code that, when scanned, takes the customer straight to writing a review of our company - so we don't have to remember to ask customers to leave a review, and new ones are coming in like crazy!

Q: Can you now briefly summarize what Localo has helped you with?

A: Within two days of making the changes, we were #1 on Google for the phrases we were interested in almost all over the city! I was incredibly impressed with the speed with which we saw the results of our profile changes. 

I changed the title, description, main category, and additional categories in my Google Business Profile per the guidelines. I also immediately added two posts containing keywords that the editor at Localo suggested. 

We are now getting a lot more calls from interested clients, and as a result, we have a lot more orders. Traffic from the internet is much higher. 

Thanks to the poster, we also have many more customer reviews that convince new customers to use our service. 

Nowadays, the leverage of new business is two channels - customer referrals and a business profile on Google. When people start looking for workshops on Google and type in 'auto gas,' they find us. It was a bull's-eye because we needed to appear as high as possible at this point. 

I think that's the most important thing for our business and realistically can bring us more customers than, say, paid advertising on Facebook or Google. Not to mention it's free. 

Previously our Google Business Profile was not visible at all. Thanks to optimizing our business card according to the guidelines from the Localo audit, we are ranked #1 almost everywhere in town. 

Katarzyna Dobrzyńska
PH Promotor
Within two days of making the changes, we were #1 on Google for the phrases we were interested in almost all over the city! I was incredibly impressed with the speed with which we saw the results of our profile changes.

Q: What has impressed you the most?

A: With some help, I knew what to do and how to use the application after a while. The speed with which I saw results was stunning. 

With old-school promotional methods such as flyers or newspaper ads, I don't recall seeing things change so quickly from any other source and bringing in more interested people right away. 

Q: What are your plans for the tool?

A: I want to keep up to date with new features, and I will use them because I can see that it brings results. I'm going to keep monitoring the position of my business profile and make changes so that I'm always ahead of the competition. 

Q: What lessons have you learned from your experience with Localo ? What would be your advice to other business owners?

A: Keep trying, keep checking out different tools that can improve your work because you may come across a gem as I did!

Q: Awesome! Thank you so much for the interview and the cool insights! Good luck with your business and rankings on Google!

A: Thanks!

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