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Quality Google reviews make a huge difference for your local business. With Localo getting more reviews from your customers is as easy as ABC.
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Google Review Poster makes getting reviews from customers super easy. Open sample version in our application and take it for a spin. Change colors and prominent phrases and see how your own poster could look like.
See sample Google review poster
Why do I need customer reviews?

Give your customers a voice and let them convince new ones

Say you are hesitating whether to go to hair salon A or hair salon B. Hair salon A has two reviews, hair salon B has over 100 reviews. It's not a hard choice, right?
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of customers read Google reviews before purchasing
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of customers search for a service provider online
Business owner
"Thanks to Localo, we have grown to be one of the largest training academies in our target areas, having only launched a year ago. We continue to utilize the tool and improve our listings to remain on top."
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💡Why our Google review poster?

Social proof impacts purchase decisions
We are more willing to buy what others have tested - it eliminates the fear of being tricked. Social proof confirms that a product is safe, trustworthy, and meets consumer requirements.
Reviews influence Google ranking
Google reviews are crucial for how high your local business ranks in the local search. What matters is the number of reviews, their length and rating, and whether the reviewer used relevant keywords or not.
Reviews boost authority and business credibility
85% of consumers trust a recommendation from the internet as if they trusted their friend. While everything a company says may be a brand marketing pitch, customers don't lie.
Google reviews = higher conversion rates
Products with reviews are selected 270% more often. It is best if they are as personal as possible. Suggest your customers including their story with the product, why they chose it, what it did for them.
How does Google Review Sticker work?

Designed to help you gather Google reviews with ease

We know how hard it can be to ask your customers to leave a review. Localo provides you with a customizable free Google Review Sticker. Part of it is a unique QR code that will direct your customers to leave a review. Because less effort for your customers means more profit for you.


We bet a clear CTA will bring attention to your message.
Place the poster in the most suitable spot, let Google reviews from customers flow, and get it off your plate.
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Green as your logotype?
Or maybe you really dig magenta?

Change the background color of your poster to your wish in our Google Review Poster editor.
Poster Pick Color

QR Code

All your customers have to do is scan it. It will direct them to create a Google review of your business within seconds.

A custom-generated QR code will be right in the center of your poster.
Poster QR Code

Prominent phrases

Google reviews contribute to your company's ranking for specific phrases.

Suggest that your customers include these phrases when describing your service. That will boost your chances of getting to the top!
Poster Prominent Phrases

User manual

Make giving reviews as much of a no-brainer as you can.

Don't let your customers wonder what they should do with the QR code. Every poster includes three simple steps explaining what to do.
Poster User Manual
What can I do with my Google Review Sticker?

Google Review Poster works the way you do

Print it out and hang it on the door of your workplace. Or add it as a final page in the menu. The only thing that limits you is the nature of your business.


Hang on your door

Make sure no one misses your poster - make it visible to everyone who enters or leaves your business
Poster preview


Hand out as a flyer

Print it in multiple copies and let customers take it with them as they go.
Flyer preview


Add to the menu

Bring the poster to the tables and make rating your restaurant a natural part of the dining experience.
Menu preview

Front desk

Put on your front desk

Apply Google Review Poster to your front desk, creating another opportunity for your customers to rate your business.
Front Desk preview


Send in a package

Do you run an e-commerce business? Print the posters as flyers and attach them to every order. You'll be amazed by the results!
Package preview

Trust Localo and we’ll prove you right 👑

Localo is a vital tool for us to monitor our placement on Google Maps. I have used various tools, and it is safe to say that Localo stands out above the rest. The tool simplifies the tasks needed to keep local ranking relevant :)
julio avatar 2
I really appreciate the detailed guidance on updating my business profile and what words to use in my posts. Very helpful tool!
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dorota photo
Dorota Hucał
I have only been using Localo for a few weeks now, and the jump in rankings is truly astounding. I have surprised myself by how easy it is to rank higher, and my client is ecstatic.
steven photo
Owner Triangular Force
Within two days, we were #1 on Google we were interested in almost all over the city! I was impressed how fast we saw the results.
katarzyna position map beforedorota hucal poition map after
katarzyna avatar
Katarzyna Dobrzyńska
PH Promotor
Localo significantly and within days elevated my Google Business Profile Optyk Nowakowie Radom. From 35th place, I was in the top 10 within a very brief time. All I had to do was follow the hints from the user panel. It was an effortless action.
optyk logo
Owner Optyk Nowakowie
With Localo we have grown to be one of the largest training academies in our target areas having only launched a year ago.
jacob - position map beforejacob - position map after
jacob with dog photo
Owner Yorkshire Canine Academy - Dog Training Leeds

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