My auto parts selling client became the #1 company in just a few weeks!

How an agency built their client's Google profile from scratch with Localo (successfully!).
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My auto parts selling client became the #1 company in just a few weeks!


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Our main objective was to increase the visibility of the company profile for one of our clients. We had to develop a process to optimize his company profile so that his company could get discovered by more potential customers, who would then decide to contact the company and purchase the auto parts they needed from them. 


The company profile was in a "raw state," and we knew right from the start that this meant a lot of work and effort for us. There wasn't much content in the profile. There were no posts, no high-quality photos, and more.

In fact, we had to start our work from complete basics.

First, our company carefully analyzed our client's company visibility. We've checked it at first for free in the free local rank checker tool, but later we decided to do it on a much larger grid already in the Localo app. 

Next, we gathered a list of competitors and carefully reviewed the activities they were performing, made some comparisons with our client, and that's how we came up with confident conclusions.

Based on the analysis of the client's company profile and its competitors, we concluded that we need to divide the activities into four parts.

  1. Completing the Google company profile with correct data
  2. Optimizing the company's profile
  3. Optimization of the website
  4. The systematic acquisition of local citations

It's not the first client of this type that approached us with a request to optimize, position, and monitor the visibility of their Google business profile. So we already had specific processes in place and could start the optimization activities that we had prepared in advance. 

In addition, we also had support from the guidelines that Localo developed for us. 

  • We changed the main category
  • We added additional categories
  • We added and optimized the company description
  • We created some local citations about the company
  • Each week we published posts according to the guidelines at Localo

"I have only been using Localo for a few weeks now, and the jump in rankings is truly astounding. I have surprised myself by how easy it is to rank higher, and my client is ecstatic."

The result:

The client and I did not have to wait long for the results, as they appeared after just a few weeks. The company has significantly increased its business visibility in the key area. They had been noticed and, as a result, visited by many more customers than ever before! 

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