Marketing agency reports a higher profit after increasing visibility in the local area

See how Localo app helped marketing agency to get ahead of the competitors which were marketing experts.
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Marketing agency reports a higher profit after increasing visibility in the local area

Spec od IT: Marketing Agency

Operating since
January 1, 2019
"Spec od IT" is a marketing agency that offers comprehensive marketing services for companies, from graphic design and corporate identity through running Google Ads campaigns and social media profiles to creating mobile applications. The company also focuses on establishing long-term relationships with clients after the implementation of the offered solutions.

To say that the "Spec od IT" (eng. "IT expert") agency does marketing is like saying nothing.

In addition to providing marketing services, they also seek to build long-lasting relationships with clients and assist them in their online activities. They offer services in various areas of marketing, including building websites, running Google Ads campaigns or social media profiles. They also take care of their clients' websites and online stores after implementation.

The challenge for us was understanding how positioning on Google Maps works and determining what could help us improve our visibility. We also had to plan what content to create to reach better rankings.

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How visible is your business profile on Google

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The challenge the company faced was to build a position among local marketing agencies, making it easier to establish new relationships with clients. This is all the more necessary in the marketing services industry, where the better the competitors are, the better they build their own position on the Internet. Localo therefore had to help the company to do even better what it usually does for its clients.

The tools embedded in the application were consequently supposed to pass an industry test that might (or might not) verify their usefulness.


When the agency implemented Localo, its visibility in the surrounding area was negligible. An audit of the Google business profile identified potential reasons behind this situation and recommended where changes should be made.

The actions performed in Localo app covered several aspects - the changes were automatically implemented in Google's business card, which quickly became the model of what a company's online avatar should look like.

First, the title and descriptions of the business card and its services were improved so that they would better position for the keywords under which local customers could find the company.

Also, the images appropriate to the agency's profile and the nature of its operations were added:

Secondly, posts promoting the content published by the agency began to appear regularly in the company's profile. At Localo, adding posts to the business profile is even simpler thanks to an intelligent builder that helps you choose a post topic and use relevant key phrases:

The agency has also begun to gather customer reviews, which have quickly brought more authenticity to the company's communications.

It's worth noting that feedback is not left unanswered, which also translates into an overall impression and profile results:

On our blog, you can read how proper gathering of reviews on Google translates into profile visibility 🤝

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The effects of the changes implemented with Localo are usually visible quite quickly, and this time it also translated into concrete financial results, which we are especially happy about:

We have increased traffic to our website, and have started attracting new customers thanks to increased brand exposure online. Our profits increased after just one month of using the app. Checking our visibility for ourselves, we see improved exposure which translates directly into higher traffic and enlarged interest in our services.

The change in the company's visibility is even more evident on the grid showing its position in local SEO:

grid before

grid after

In industries like marketing, where visibility is tough to obtain, we are delighted to see that Localo continues to prove itself as a useful tool and allows you to gain an edge even over competitors who advertise themselves precisely as online visibility specialists.

Thank you for your trust! 🙌

Patryk Paziński
Spec od IT: Marketing Agency

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