A short Google reviews link - How to get it quickly?

See how to get a Google review link to make it easier for customers to add reviews about your business.
Piotr Rysz
A short Google reviews link - How to get it quickly?

Google reviews, which can be visible in your business profile, are incredibly important for you and many other business owners.

Customer ratings and comments on your Google business profile are an invaluable resource for other potential customers who find their way to your business profile on Google Search and Google Maps. By encouraging current customers to give you reviews, you also build greater and faster trust with new ones who enter your Google reviews page.

Currently, reviews of your business from your Google business profile are also a ranking factor and affect how visible your business is in Google Maps and the local search.

In this article, we'll show you how to get a direct Google review link (URL) to make it easier for customers to add reviews about your business on Google.

Go to your company's Google business profile

To generate a direct link to Google reviews and later encourage customers to leave reviews on your business profile, you need to go to the dashboard where you manage your business profile. To do this, type your company name or "my business" into the search engine.

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- Go to your company's Google business profile

How visible is your business profile on Google

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Click on the button "ask for reviews" or on the tab "Get more reviews"

To get a link to request reviews, at this stage, you must click the visible panel either on the tile with the note "ask for reviews" or "Get more reviews."

Copy the short link to give feedback on Google Maps app

Now copy the review link to get business reviews, and you can use it whenever you want. All you have to do is send it to the customers you want to get positive feedback with a request to add feedback and this link you just received. The unique Google review link will direct the customer to write a review about your company.

Use a ready-made poster for soliciting positive reviews with a QR code that you can send to customers

The above link may only sometimes be enough to get customers to click on the URL, open your Google business profile, and leave a review after buying your product or using your services. Sometimes you also need to learn how to give them or send the em the Google feedback link.

With help comes, for example, a dedicated review poster from Localo, which can solve most of the problems you may encounter and increase the chance of a customer leaving an opinion about your company on Google several times over.


With this guide, you will be much more efficient and faster in getting more Google reviews for your company. Adding online reviews about your company will be easy for customers.

Remember that it is crucial; from now on, it is much easier for you and your users. Good luck!

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