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Google business profile - is an entirely free business card on the Internet, which can be created and managed by any business owner and thus reach new customers for free. In the free business profile on Google, the user has the opportunity to provide detailed information about the company, including location, service, or product.
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What is a Google Business Profile?

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This free account is instrumental in improving a company's visibility on Google. Google business profile is displayed in Google searches and Google Maps. Companies can set up such a profile with offices (such as restaurants or stores) and companies that provide services (so-called Service Area Bussiness) by meeting customers at another location (such as plumbers or consultants).

Google business profile - what is?

What are the key features of Google Business Profiles?

Once your verification process is successful, thanks to GBP, your business locations are visible on the Google maps app, improving your digital marketing and local SEO, which will result in more customers finding your company.

Google my business account is an ideal space to provide details regarding your company's basic information like business name, business address, or opening hours. Google business profile manager allows you to provide responses to your business reviews, publish posts, photos, and much more.

How to add local businesses to Google search?

Creating a business account on Google is trivially easy and, as mentioned, free. Just use this article, which shows precisely how to create a Google business profile.

How to check the visibility of your local business profile on Google Maps?

The visibility of the GBP profile depends on three main factors:

- Distance - from where you created the search

- Prominence - "How well does Google know your profile?" _

- Relevance - "Are you answering the question/needs that your potential customers are looking for?"

To check how your GBP performs on Google Maps Search, feel free to use the free tool that Localo shares with you -> Local Rank Checker.

To get more detailed tips for improving your business listing, use the Localo app.

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