Newly established tax company finds its first customers via Google Business Profile

See how Localo helped newly established accounting company find its first customers in highly competitive market through Google.
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Newly established tax company finds its first customers via Google Business Profile

Tax Expert Marcin Karpiński

Łódź, Poland
Operating since
January 1, 2023
Tax firm, founded in 2023 by Michal Karpinski, offers comprehensive accounting services for micro and small businesses. It operates in the area of the city of Łódź in Poland, but also finds clients among companies throughout the whole country.


Opening a new business almost always involves risk, especially if there is a lot of competition swarming around. This was undoubtedly a challenge for our client when he set up a new accounting firm in 2023 – it's an industry where it's hard to stand out, gain a competitive edge, or implement an innovation.

With this in mind, our client decided first and foremost to reach potential clients via the cost-free methods offered by Google. The first step was to create and optimize a Google My Business profile. Then, he decided to use Localo to properly optimize his Google Business Profile.

I wanted to establish a strong presence in the local market and gain the first satisfied customers who would recommend our services to their friends.

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How visible is your business profile on Google

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Implementing the recommendations which resulted from the Localo audit improved the visibility of the company's profile almost immediately. The company saw a jump in its position in Google, and because of this, the first customers began to contact the firm. However, the activities with Localo didn't stop there - the owner began to regularly perform tasks generated by the application.

Localo is very easy to use - it leads you by the hand, tells you what to do and when to do it. Just enter the app once or twice a week and see what tasks you have to do.


The investment in Localo turned out to be very effective - it paid off remarkably quickly. It helped the company to establish a presence in the area and become more visible to customers looking for it. Following the initial configuration of the profile, it also helps the law firm respond to Google reviews on a daily basis, generating automatic responses.

Thanks to Localo, I was able to get my first clients through Google search. Already the first client made my investment in the application pay for itself.

The success of Marcin's tax law firm makes us even happier, as we were able to help him during the crucial period of running his business, when he needed to find his first customers.

Beginnings are often stressful for every entrepreneur, and we are glad that as Localo we helped the company take its first steps in the market! 🙌

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position map after

Marcin Karpiński
Tax Expert Marcin Karpiński

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