We doubled the visibility of our agency's Google business profile!

Learn how JCE SEO agency analyzed their online visibility and optimized their Google Business Profile with actionable tips from Localo.
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We doubled the visibility of our agency's Google business profile!


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Table of contents

- The effect

- Goal

- Challenge

- Results

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How visible is your business profile on Google

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Our agency's main goal was to get more customers from our company's city. We assumed that it would be easier for us to convince clients to use our agency services who live in the same city where our agency is based. 


Since we are an agency, we know all the possibilities of advertising on the Internet. However, we wanted to choose one most effective method of promotion, which would give us the highest probability of achieving the intended goal. 

We decided to optimize and position our company profile on Google.


After setting the goal and choosing the channel we wanted to perform the activities, it was time to start working.

At the very beginning, as is always the case, we had to perform a careful analysis of our company's Google profile and analyze our competition. 

In these activities, we also included checking the visibility of our company on Google. At first, we did it in the free local rank checker. Still, later we decided to check the company's visibility in the Localo application, have their saved history, and enable automatic monitoring of the visibility of our company profile in Google. 

keyword: Website design San Antonio

After analyzing our company and competition, it was time to develop the actions we should take to achieve the desired goal. 

First, we looked at the information contained in our Google business profile and concluded that we should make some changes to the basic information about the company in the profile.

Next, we determined that we needed to develop optimizations to increase the visibility of the business profile. 

To do this, we used, among other things, a business profile audit that Localo created. 

In addition, we also checked our website, to which the company's profile in Google was directed, and there we also envisaged some changes such as speeding up the page so that it loads faster for users. 

Ok, we already knew we had a lot of work to do, so we got to work! 


"Localo is a vital tool for us to monitor our placement on Google Maps. I have used various tools, and it is safe to say that Localo stands out above the rest. The tool simplifies the tasks needed to keep local ranking relevant :)"

The result:

keyword: Website design San Antonio

As a result, the visibility of our company profile on Google has increased significantly, and we are no longer in distant positions but in the top three. 

We are still fighting for the first place, taking care, among other things, to publish posts and create local citations about the company systematically. 

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