It took only several days to rank in the top 3 in a super-competitive environment

Learn how Home Build Supplies uses Localo to attract more clients and promote their business in 3 locations.
Azaan Meadows
Home Build Suplies
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It took only several days to rank in the top 3 in a super-competitive environment

Home Build Suplies

Operating since
January 1, 1980
Our family business, Home Build Supplies, is based in London and has operated for almost 30 years. In that time we have grown to have three branches in the area. We supply our customers with building materials such as bricks, timber, sheet metal, insulation, and products needed for plumbing, fixtures and fittings, and even tools and workwear. Every customer will find everything they need to complete their project at the place we run. We serve both construction companies and home do-it-yourselfers, advising them on the best materials to create something durable that they will love.
We started with an average position of 5, and after several days we jumped to the top three!

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How visible is your business profile on Google

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Our goal was to reach more customers by improving our Google position in more areas in the city. 


The building supplies industry is incredibly competitive, especially in a big city like London. To not fall far behind the competition, we need to work on our exposure, primarily online these days constantly. 
Also, when supplying building supplies to customers, we are not just competing with companies similar to us. The biggest challenge is to attract customers who would take advantage of the offer of big chain construction stores. And you know, such big corporations have endless marketing budgets. 

The only way was to win against them with local marketing.


We searched for information and found an article about local marketing.

We learned about the importance of a Google Business Profile and how many customers you can get for free!

I was curious to see what our online visibility was now, as we have a website and have always taken care of it. We used the free local rank checker tool and saw that it wasn't that bad. Actually, in places close to our locations, it was fine.

But we saw that we could also get better exposure to customers in other city areas. That’s whole new thousands of potential customers!

I set up an account with Localo, and we ran an audit for a phrase we were particularly interested in - timber merchant park royal

I received clear guidelines on what elements of our Google Business Profile I needed to work on and how to do it to achieve maximum visibility. We changed our company description, main category, and additional categories, among other things. I have never expected them to cause such an effect.

Azaan Meadows
Home Build Suplies
"The Localo tool gave me fully customized guidelines. After putting a little work into my company's Google Business Profile, we broke out into the top 3 on Google in most of the city. With better visibility, we are getting more calls and attracting more clients. And all of this practically for free!"


We didn't have to wait long for the results. We started with an average position of 5, and after several days we jumped to the top three!

After working with Localo, I was particularly pleased that my business is now much more visible to customers near the store and across London. We now have customers coming in from further afield and even the surrounding areas.

We're now in the top 3 for most of London, and we're in second place in essential areas.


Thanks to Localo, we can provide professional service and advice to many more clients. Greater visibility, of course, translates into revenue for the company. 

We will continue to use the tool to further improve our position in Google - it works!

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