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What is CTA - Definition

CTA (Call to Action ) - is a written instruction in a form of action words shown as a button on digital marketing campaign web pages. It helps to entice or mobilize website visitors and potential customers to take the desired action. A call to action can take many forms, for example, submitting a form, downloading an application, registering an account, booking an appointment, clicking on links, etc. The marketers often use CTAs in command phrases or action verbs, e.g., "Read more!

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Where do we use CTA buttons?

Anywhere we want to reach the target audience and boost sales, especially in marketing materials, landing pages, marketing campaigns, Facebook ads, a blog post, and email campaigns.

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Best practices for the CTA button:

  • Clear CTA button - should attract attention. All effective call-to-action buttons within one page should be consistent in color and have the same purpose.
  • Color scheme - appropriate contrast with the background will make the call to action stand out.
  • Location - The best CTA button should be in the ATF (Above the Fold) section of the landing page, in the first view of the page, newsletter, newspaper, PDF without scrolling, and at the end. It makes sense for longer content to repeat the calls to action button at the end of the page.
  • Analytics - Use analytical tools to measure the conversion of each call to action button. It's a good practice to measure user behavior, for example, on a heatmap of clicks and test different button positions, colors, fonts, or specific words.
  • Message - The CTA buttons must inform the user what will happen when they click it, where they will direct them, whether they will download a file/app, send completed information or make a purchase.

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