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What is Case Study - Definition

Case Study - is a method of presentation of your previews work when you prepare an incisive description of a job done, allowing your potential customers to get an in-depth understanding of your work process in a real-life context based on this particular case. It usually includes information about the initial situation and problem, possible ways to solve it, actions performed, tools used, and results from the work done. It is also usually supplemented with insightful quotes from your client or the team, data collected, and some visuals, like screenshots, pictures, videos, etc. Including multiple case studies on your website (ideally about various projects, performed for customers from different industries, provides information about your company in an evocative, realistic, and compelling way.

Table of contest

How do you write a case study?

If you want to write a case study, below are the points you need to address to make your “case” look good, enjoyable to read and provide valuable content.

1: Case Selection - Once you have developed a problem statement, research questions you would like to answer, and did the qualitative research, you should be ready to select a specific case to focus on.

How do the case study research? Take a couple of minutes and think if it:
  • Provides new or unexpected insights about a topic
  • Presents your technology scope well
  • Have documented (as in numbers) results that can drive in new customers
  • Suggests practical ways of working to solve a problem

2: Build a framework:

For a great piece of content with a solid business research foundation, it would be best if you developed a content framework that will be later your template for further multiple cases. Think about what information can be important for your potential customers when they are choosing the right company to do the service. Sometimes they can be more interested in technologies and the process, in some cases it will be all about the results and social proof. Think about the available resources - such as data. Try researching the examples of case studies - preferably from yours or a similar industry.

3: Data collection

Case studies focus on qualitative data, using methods such as interviews, observations, and primary and secondary source analysis. Ask your existing customers about how your product or service helped them achieve their goals.

4: Data analysis and writing descriptive case studies

How you present your results depends on the type of research you are doing. Some case studies are structured like a standard academic paper. Others are written in a more narrative style, designed to examine the case from different angles and analyze it. Your case study methodology depends 100% on you.

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