How did we raised our dog training business to Google’s Top 3?

Learn how Localo helped the dog training business owner improve their Google profile and get hundreds of new clients.
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How did we raised our dog training business to Google’s Top 3?

Yorkshire Canine Academy

Operating since
January 1, 2021
I created the Yorkshire Canine Academy to help dogs, and their owners in Leeds and nearby Yorkshire develop the best habits and communication. Both myself and my team have a wealth of experience in dealing with a variety of behavioral problems, such as aggression and separation anxiety, and in training puppies and special needs dogs. We try to make the process as pleasant as possible for both the dog and the owner. Dog owners can easily book an appointment with us through the form on our website. We meet the dog and its owner, work out a detailed plan of action and systematically implement it.
We are visible in the top 3 in many places in Leeds itself and throughout Yorkshire, miles from our location.

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- Goal

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- Action

- Results

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How visible is your business profile on Google

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I aimed to increase the visibility of my business on local Google to attract more clients from both Leeds and the surrounding areas. 


When I started my business a year ago, the market for the dog training industry in my area was already quite saturated. Additionally, other companies operating in Leeds longer had an advantage over me - a reputation built over many years, an image, and a fair amount of reviews.

I knew that to attract new customers, I needed to approach the promotion of my business cleverly. 


Local business owner I know told me that many customers come to them directly from Google after typing a service into the search engine. I decided to give it a try, especially since it doesn't cost anything!

I found a helpful article about Google business profile optimization and learned about Surfer Local, a tool that helps you quickly and effectively optimize your Google business profile. 

Surfer Local on their site allows you to see where your business ranks in different city areas and how your customers see you. I used the local rank checker tool and then saw my current position - and I was not happy ;)

Not wanting to spend a lot of time looking for information on how to increase the visibility of my business profile on Google, I took out a subscription.

Surfer Local took me by the hand through all the steps necessary to improve the visibility of my business profile on Google, and I am very grateful to them for that. After selecting the correct keyword, I wanted to be visible for, the tool generated a customized audit with all the fixes and tips to help me achieve my goal. 

I received clear guidelines on how to change the title, main and additional categories, images, or company description. I found out that apart from the elements mentioned above, two things are crucial for the high position of the profile in Google:

  1. Posts
  2. And Customer reviews

I received guidelines for posts - now I post them as often as I can (and I have something to communicate). Frequent posting increases my visibility, but it keeps potential clients informed of current issues! 

I've also started paying more attention to reviews from users - this was helped incredibly by a feature that came out a while ago in Surfer Local - Google Review Poster, which encourages customers to leave a review, making the process seamless.

Yorkshire Canine Academy
"Thanks to Localo, we have grown to be one of the largest training academies in our target areas, having only launched a year ago. We continue to utilize the tool and improve our listings to remain on top."


My business has beaten competitors head to head in less than a year! We are visible in the top 3 in many places in Leeds itself and throughout Yorkshire, miles from our location. 

High visibility on Google has brought us hundreds of clients with minimal effort and almost no expense! Thanks to people knowing about us, we can help many dogs and change their lives for the better!


Surfer Local provided Yorkshire Canine Academy with unrivaled data on our performance, competitors, and improvement information on our listing. This insight allowed us to easily develop a comprehensive strategy for your business listing, allowing us to implement changes and track performance across our local area.

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