See how psychotherapy center becamy significantly more visible in Google in their area

With Localo, psychotherapy center was able to get new clients in their strongly competitive local market.
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See how psychotherapy center becamy significantly more visible in Google in their area

Centrum Psychoterapii i Psychodietetyki Rymkiewicz System

Operating since
September 19, 2013
The Rymkiewicz System Psychotherapy and Psychodietetics Centre is a counseling center specializing in psychotherapy related to eating disorders and general psychological care. In addition to therapist support, they offer professional obesity diagnostics and conduct nutrition workshops; they also provide their services to companies.


The counseling center started to use Localo because of the need to find a new way of reaching potential clients due to changes in the company's environment. On the one hand, the demand for psychological services has become apparent due to the economic crisis, rising inflation and related factors. On the other hand, competition offering online services has intensified, which has been reflected in a decrease in the number of clients. What they needed was to find new ways to reach the target audience.

There has also been a lot of competition for online services in psychotherapy, which may operate on a different marketing budget, but displays high on industry buzzwords. Currently, more than just advertising budgets is needed to break through.

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How visible is your business profile on Google

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The counseling center's partnership with Localo started with a Facebook group where we share our tips on marketing and local positioning. After applying the suggestions given by our CEO, Sebastian, but also applying the changes we recommend on our blog, they also decided to use the app itself. The app suggested a few simple steps:

  • changing the name of the business and the main category in the Google profile
  • modifying the business description
  • entering questions and answers
  • adding photos
  • adding products and services to the 'offer' section

In addition to this, the company has also started collecting feedback in the Google profile and adding ongoing posts with information about its current activities.


We always like to hear from customers that the results of using the app are visible in a very short time. It was no different here:

We are climbing up very locally, but better positions are also starting to be shown in larger areas. Success is the psychologist Wroclaw keyword – today, we are in the 15th position, and we were closer to a hundredth. It's a great adventure and very rewarding to watch because you can quickly see the results of your work.

Better positioning was also noticeable on the grids. The improvement in visibility was evident for seven out of ten keywords already during the initial period of using the app. After 14 days, the positions of the following phrases in particular improved:

  • Psychologist Wroclaw - from 42 to 18th position.
  • Child psychologist Wrocław - from 37th to 26th position
  • Psychotherapist Wrocław - from 17th to 12th position.

Grid before

Grid after

I like the tool very much; it is effective, easy to use, and easy to read. I look forward to your development and new features. I am totally hooked! Thank you for the Facebook group; it is of great value.

We thank you too! We hope that the road to the top positions in Google continues and brings the expected results! 🙌 We also encourage you to visit our Facebook group, where our CEO, Sebastian, regularly shares tips on promoting your business locally.

Olga Rymkiewicz
Centrum Psychoterapii i Psychodietetyki Rymkiewicz System

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