CCTV Systems Store expands the reach of its Google Business Profile

See how, with the help of Localo app, a CCTV camera store becomes more visible to customers in a new area.
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CCTV Systems Store expands the reach of its Google Business Profile – security systems provider

Operating since
January 1, 1996
The company specializes in selling and installing professional security systems for businesses and individual customers. It has been on the market since 2019, but the roots of the business date back to 1996.


One of the types of companies Localo aims to help is those that don't just operate in a single place but also offer services at customers' locations within a specific area. Such companies need to cultivate visibility on a larger scale, looking for customers, for example, in more than one city.

One way to increase the position of a Google Business Profile in a new area is to get reviews from clients in that area. Rekorder, a company specializing in the installation of CCTV monitoring systems, found itself in such a situation. It needed to become visible in a targeted area and, therefore, get more reviews from customers.

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How visible is your business profile on Google

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The company's marketing has undergone a major changes with Localo.

  • A new website was created on the Google platform, the address for which was included in the Google Business Profile.
  • The company added new thematically aligned photos to the profile
  • Localo AI helped create and publish posts with a large number of keywords
  • Review Manager sped up the process of responding to customer reviews
Localo AI allowed us to quickly and professionally clean up the profile and correct mistakes we made when acting on our own.


The company managed to improve its position in local search results in areas where it was moderately visible. It has also begun to position itself in entirely new places. The recently started process is beginning to yield results.

The key phrases we cared about the most in a short time appeared in the TOP3 search results, but we still have a lot of work and patience ahead of us, as we are still not very visible in many search results. Even though we have been using Localo for a short time, we can already see the first results, and we will certainly stay with this tool for longer.

position map before

position map after

Kacper Jakubowski – security systems provider

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