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What is UX- Definition

UX (user's experience) - is the experience of a person in human-computer interaction, or more precisely, the totality of impressions and emotions experienced by a person using specific products. It often refers to digital products, such as applications or websites, but physical products and services can also be.

Table of contest

The website or application, designed based on UX research, will be distinguished by:

  • an easy and intuitive navigation structure, 
  • friendly user interface design, 
  • clear information transfer, 
  • clear content structure, 
  • a simple and intuitive purchase process free of intrusive ads errors.

UX design contains:

  • user interface - abs, buttons, menus,
  • all the aspects of visual design (design, color scheme),
  • content and information architecture (links, text, overall message),
  • functionality (site performance),
  • usability (accessible design of the site, readability of information),

UX designers' typical tasks include:

The UX designer's task is to prepare a product design based on the company's business expectations and to adapt it to the users' needs and expectations. They should design a simple but visually appealing user interface that creates a positive first impression, possibly intuitive solutions, and eliminate any elements that could cause unnecessary frustration.

UX designer faces a significant challenge in navigating the entire user journey. They should have excellent technical skills in IT and knowledge of psychology, sociology, cognitive science, industrial design, and even art. He should also have empathy to feel the user's role and a good aesthetic sense. 

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