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What is Google Forms - Definition

Google Forms is a free online tool offered by Google that is used to create documents, surveys, quizzes, and other web forms. Users can easily design, distribute, and collect data through the interface by dragging individual questions or simply pasting a list and then analyzing the collected responses in real-time. The tool is widely used in education, market research, event planning, and any situation where a quick and efficient collection of information from questionnaires is needed.

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How do Google Forms work?

Google Forms is an intuitive tool for creating and managing online surveys and forms. Here's how they work:

  • Completing a form: The user starts by creating a new Google Form, choosing from templates, or starting with a blank form. Various questions, such as multiple choice, text fields, rating scales, and more, can be added.
  • Distribution: Once a form has been created, it can be shared via a link, embedding it on a web page, or emailing directly from Google Forms.
  • Response collection: Individual responses are collected in real-time and can be automatically saved in Google Sheets. The user can monitor responses, receive notifications of new entries, and analyze the data.
  • Data analysis: Google Forms offers essential analysis tools, such as graphical summaries, and the ability to share Google Forms anywhere, such as CSV, for more advanced analysis.

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How to use Google Forms?

To start using Google Forms, follow the steps below:

Open Google Forms: Go to Google Forms or Google Workspace Account.

Choose a template or start a new one: Pick one of the templates or create a new sheet.

Adding questions: Use the buttons and options in the Google Forms interface to add different types of questions: single choice, multiple choice, short answer, paragraph, scales, checkboxes, etc.

Personalize the form: Customise the look by adding images, headings, colors, and fonts. You can also set your background and logo to make the form more personalized.

Form settings: Click settings such as collecting respondents' email addresses, limiting response limits, randomizing questions, or showing results after the survey has been completed.

Save and Submit: After creating the form, save it and use the share option to send it to respondents. You can share a link to the form, click send via email addresses, or embed it on a website.

Collection and analysis of responses: Responses will be collected in real-time, and you can view the form directly in Google Forms or Google Sheets, where the data is automatically organized and ready for analysis.

Google Forms in Online Marketing

In online marketing, Google Forms are a valuable tool. Thanks to this, you can interact with customers and collect email addresses. Google Forms are used to conduct market research, answer feedback on products or services, and generate leads through contact forms or newsletter sign-ups. With simple integration with email campaigns and websites, marketers can efficiently distribute forms to their target audience and then analyze the results in Google Sheets. In addition, the personalization of forms, the ability to add graphics and video, and automation options make Google Forms a versatile tool that supports customer relationship building and effective information management in digital marketing.

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