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What is Google Business Profile verification methods - Definition

Google Business Profile verification - is the process by which a business owner confirms the accuracy of their business's information on Google, ensuring that they are the legitimate representative of the business listed. This verification step is required to manage and fully utilize the features of a Google Business Profile, including updating business information, responding to reviews, and posting updates. Verification can typically be done through methods such as receiving a postcard at the business address, phone call, email, or instant verification via Google Search Console for eligible businesses.

Different verification method

Google verification code

A verification code is a string of numbers that the company sends to confirm the identity of the holder of a Google account or profile on Google Maps. In this way, Google can be sure of the source of the attempted account access, which is crucial in protecting private data and confidential information from unauthorised use.

When it is needed?

1. Verification of Google Business Profile: To confirm that you are the owner or authorised manager of your business, Google sends you a unique code.

2. Google account security: The verification code can be used to further secure your Google account through two-step verification.

3. Password reset: When you try to reset your Google account password, the company may send a verification code to ensure that the person trying to change the password is the actual owner of the account.

4. Verification of changes: Google may require a verification code when you make significant changes to your account settings.

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Google Business Profile - verification methods

There are several way to verify your Google Business Profile:

Verification postcard - The most common method, which involves Google sending a physical postcard to the business address containing a unique verification code.

Phone - Available to some businesses, the verification option involves receiving a verification code via text message or phone call.

Email - Some businesses may receive a verification code by email.

Live video call - In exceptional cases, especially when other verification methods are not accessible or have failed, Google may verify a Google Business Profile through a live chat with a support representative.

Video verification - Google may ask you to create a short video that confirms your business location and activity.

Once successfully verified Google Business profile, the Business Card has a verification status, which increases its credibility in the eyes of customers and improves its visibility in Google search and on Google Maps.

What if a particular method of verification does not work ?

  • Check the accuracy of your data: Make sure that all the information you have provided (address, phone number, email) is correct and up to date.
  • Choose another verification method: If possible, try another verification method.
  • Re-attempt: Sometimes there can be delays or technical problems. If postal verification fails, you can ask for a new verification code.
  • Contact Google support: If you are still having problems, use Google My Business support.
  • Report a problem: In your Google Business Profile dashboard, there is an option to report a verification problem where you can describe the difficulties you are experiencing.

Verification of your Google Business Profile - causes of problems

Possible problems with Google Business Profile verification may include:

  1. Incorrect address: If your business address has been entered incorrectly or is incomplete, this may prevent your postcard from being delivered.
  2. Problems with the verification code: The verification code may be invalid or expired if verification was attempted too long after it was received.
  3. Technical problems: If verifying by SMS or email, technical problems or incorrect contact details may prevent you from receiving your code.
  4. Inability to verify: Certain types of business may encounter difficulties with verification due to Google's policy on certain industries or locations.
  5. Technical problems with Google My Business: Technical errors or system crashes may temporarily hinder the verification process.
  6. Violations of Google guidelines: If a company does not comply with Google's quality guidelines, its verification may be rejected.

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