Google business profile posts - How to post things on Google?

Learn about Google business profile posts, how to schedule and create them to get to a broad audience.
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Google business profile posts - How to post things on Google?

If you've come across this article, you have a Google business profile and, probably, you want to increase its visibility. You know that, among other things, you can do this with Google business profile (previously known as Google My Business) posts. What you may not know is how to create and publish them and what are the best practices to make you more successful with less effort. This article will answer these questions - learn all you need to know about Google business profile posts and how to craft them to be effective and worthy.

What are Google business posts?

Google posts provide a place to create and publish short content that will tell about various events, products, services, and events in your company. Business owners often use them the same way as Facebook posts, but in this case, the posts appear in Google Search and Google Maps app. You can add images, videos, text, calls to action, and a link to your website's landing page to each post.

Example of Google post

Types of Google posts

Google provides several types of posts that we can publish. The three main types are:

  • News - Here, you can publish updates from your business life.
  • Offers - Offer posts allow you to publish our company's offers, including a headline and duration along with discount codes (optional), for example.
  • Events - Event posts are for informing about an event organized by your company. Sometimes Google pulls events to the company's profile from, for example, the company's Facebook.

Table of contentS

- What are Google business posts?

- How to publish a post in a business profile on Google?

- Best Practices - how to use Google Business Profile posts to get more customers?

- How to drastically improve the publishing process to save time using dedicated tools?

How visible is your business profile on Google

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Benefits of publishing posts

Publishing posts on your company's Google profile significantly distinguishes it from the competition and makes the business profile look much better. Additionally, parts of the content from the posts can sometimes appear in Google searches and thus further attract new customers to your company.

keep local customers informed

Google posts can also improve your company's local search engine visibility (local SEO), directly translating into more customers and sales of your products or services.

How to publish a post in a business profile on Google?

If you know you want to create and publish a Google post that will help your business grow, below you have a ready-made process with information on what to do and how to do it.  

1. Search for your company on Google

You can do this by typing in its name, or: My business

2. Scroll down a bit until you see the section with entries

3. Click: Add an update

4. Create content, add a photo, maybe also add a link to your site or something else and click: Publish

5. That's it! You've just published a post to your google business profile!

Best Practices - how to use Google Business Profile posts to get more customers?

As you may have guessed, just creating a post on the fly may not be enough to get the most out of it. For that reason, we've put together a rundown of best practices to help you maximize the potential of every Google business profile post you publish.

Adjust the length of your post

Tailor the length of your published post to the intended message. If it's a description of a new service, it can be longer; if you've only changed your company's logo, it's probably nothing to write about, and no one is likely to want to read many lines of content about your company's new logo.

Pick the right picture

Remember that people are sightseers. Instead of a blurry photo that may not represent much, try to add a nicely taken picture that illustrates the topic of the post you're writing.

Use emoticons 😃

It's a well-known fact today that emojis can catch the eye of more than a few people. Try to use this to your advantage and include emoticons in your content. Just remember not to overdo it.

Use the section where you can add a website address

Use a perfect opportunity to redirect the user to your website, product, service, Facebook, YouTube, etc. It is cool to compose it by ending the post like: you can learn more about it on our website, click: Learn more.

Publish posts regularly

A good practice is to publish one entry every week. It all depends on your industry. On the other hand, remember not to publish posts less than once a month.

Use relevant keywords in the content of your posts

The key to creating posts with the most significant impact on your business visibility is to include words used by your strongest competitors at the top. In this case, you need to analyze your competitors' posts, see what keywords they use and include them in your published posts.

How to drastically improve the publishing process to save time using dedicated tools?

We know that it can be difficult for you to remember to go back to your company's Google profile every week, create a post that should contain the right words in the content, and then publish it at the right time.

There's an excellent solution for creating and scheduling posts to your Google business profile from Localo. It's a tool that helps you monitor and increase your company's visibility and position on Google. It has many cool features, including creating and scheduling posts for your company profile on Google.

You can ask the artificial intelligence to create a post suggestion for your business.

Localo allows you to:

  1. Schedule several posts that will publish automatically at the time you choose.
  2. Learn which keywords to use in the entries to have the best possible influence on your Google business profile.
  3. Review all published and scheduled posts.
  4. See on a transparent calendar where you will see all published and scheduled posts according to the post status.
  5. Create and publish a business post.

Click here and learn more about scheduling and publishing posts in Localo.

Using Localo saves you a lot of time on competitor analysis. You also don't have to think about creating and publishing a Google entry on Monday. Just schedule posts in advance in the tool.


Now you know all about creating and publishing Google business profile posts. We hope this guide will allow you to start doing it quickly and confidently. Wishing you good luck, success, and only top positions in the search results translating to more new customers. Keep working; cheers!

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