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What is Google verification code - Definition

Google voice verification code is a password (usually short numeric code) that Google sends to verify that you own a Gmail account or a Google business card. In the case of Gmail, the code is sent only to your phone number, while for business card (GBP) verification, you can send it in several ways, using a phone or email address.

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When to expect Google authenticator codes?

Google only sends code for two important things - your Gmail account and your Google business card.

Gmail - If you already have a Gmail account, you will receive a password to your mobile device number as a text message because:

  • You are having trouble logging into your account and want to password reset.
  • You have enabled two-factor authentication on your account and are using it.
  • Because Google wants to make sure you're a real person, not a robot.
  • Because Google wants to verify that it's really you.
  • There have been some changes to your account.
  • You change passwords to your Google account or update security settings.
  • Create a recovery phone number.
  • Singing up on the new devices.

Google Business Profile on Google maps - when you wish to verify the ownership of your company's business profile on Google. In this case, Google can send the codes to us in several ways:

  • By postcard with six-digit code sent to the address given in your company profile - that will verify your business location.
  • By text messages to a mobile number.
  • The machine can make a phone call to us with Google's voice number.

Be aware of the scams and frauds!

  • Google verification codes are always free of charge - and they will never ask you to pay for them.
  • When you answer the verification call or read the text message, you're asked to enter the six-digit verification code from Google. Never do this under any circumstances other than when you initiate this procedure yourself.
  • Never share your verification codes with third parties.
  • When you notice something is not right - log in and change your password immediately.

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