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What are Display Ads - Definition

Display Ads - It is a form of graphic advertising visible on computers and mobile devices. It is a key part of digital marketing and online advertising. Usually, they are interactive and take the form of banner ads. By clicking on it, the user is redirected to the advertised website. Graphic advertising can be static or animated. According to Google, search ads on the Google Display Network can reach 90% of users worldwide, use of demographic targeting allows for a very easy and fast brand promotion and acquisition of potential customers. Display ad campaigns are most commonly used in Google's ad network (Google Ads), which consists of many thousands of sites from around the world, YouTube, and Gmail. The second most popular display campaign place is a Facebook network that contains Facebook and Instagram. Each provides a place on the website where the ad can be displayed. You can show web users the same display ad or change the text or the image banner that you can optimize by tracking the CTR (click through rate).

Table of contest

Advance display advertising campaign

Rich media ads are usually used in ground-breaking and innovative display advertising campaigns. While text ads sell through words there's a possibility to use a different ad creative. Rich media ads, selling through images and video, often offer more ways to engage your audience with your ad.

Interstitial ads are full-screen ad that covers the entire interface of the main application. These ads are designed to be placed between content and are typically displayed at transition points in the app flow, such as breaks between actions, pauses, or levels in games.

Flexible display advertising is an interesting variety of responsive display ads is flexible advertising. The advantage of programmatic display advertising is an automatic adjustment to the place on the site. It is distinguished by a simple configuration, which includes: adding the text of the ad, company logo, and image, and the rest is the work of the automatic.

Display ad type and ad formats

The type of display advertising depends on the message and the target audience. In general, display ads can be divided into three categories:

  • text ads (which use text-based hyperlinks),
  • video ads and image ads (which use visuals to encourage users to engage)
  • HTML ads (which are often interactive like a banner ad)

Advertising strategy can be based on existing customers, awareness campaigns, contextual targeting users, or display network targeting.

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