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What is Newsjacking - Definition

Newsjacking - is a marketing technique that involves using current events, news alerts or breaking news in the media to increase reach and social media engagement around a brand, product, or service. Successful newsjacking strategy can attract attention and generate conversations around a brand by capitalizing on the natural traffic and interest in a topic.

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How does Newsjacking work?

Newsjacking is based on responding quickly to news story and creating relevant content related to it to attract media attention and audience interest. Newsjacking efforts can include publishing breaking news stories, social media posts, blog articles, press comments, or creating advertising campaigns related to trending topics. However, this requires sensitivity and the ability to tailor the message to brand awareness and avoid controversial or sensitive issues.

What are the critical factors of Newsjacking?

The main factors that determine the effectiveness of newsjacking are:

  1. Speed of response: The ability to quickly identify and capitalize on current news stories is critical, as the moment when news is at the peak of popularity is often short-lived.
  2. Relevance: Choosing trending stories that have a natural connection to the brand or products increases the authenticity and effectiveness of the message.
  3. Creativity: An original and creative approach to newsjacking can differentiate a brand and influence positive interactions with product audiences.
  4. Audience value: Content should provide value to the media coverage through humor, industry information, or expert commentary.
  5. Tact: It is essential to be sensitive to the social context and avoid using controversial or sensitive topics in a way that could be misconstrued.
  6. Alignment with brand strategy: Newsjacking should support the overall brand's reputation and convey a consistent message.
  7. Monitoring trends: Setting alerts and constantly monitoring social media and news helps to respond quickly to newsjacking opportunities.
  8. Legal and ethical compliance: Ensure that content is legal and honest so that people's good names are not compromised.

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Advantages of Newsjacking in Online Marketing

Newsjacking in online marketing offers several advantages that can help increase brand reach and engagement:

  • Increased visibility: Using current news event can attract media and user attention, expanding the reach of brand content.
  • Building authority: Providing valuable commentary and analysis on current events can strengthen a brand's position as an industry expert.
  • Increasing traffic: Newsjacking can drive additional traffic to a company's website, translating into more leads and conversions.
  • Engaging content: Content related to the breaking news story often has a higher engagement rate because it deals with topics that are currently top of mind.
  • SEO: Newsjacking content can improve positioning in search results and Google Trends by using popular keywords related to current events.
  • Quick Response: Newsjacking allows for rapid response to events in real-time.

Newsjacking vs. Real-Time Marketing

Newsjacking and Real-Time Marketing are two marketing strategies that use current events but differ in approach and scope:


  • Focuses on using already existing news, media events or trending hashtags that have gained popularity to create related marketing content.
  • The goal is to "hook" onto a topic already attracting audience attention to direct some of that attention to the brand.
  • This strategy often involves creating content related to the topic but does not necessarily require a real-time response.
  • Newsjacking can include blog articles, social media platforms, press releases, or other content.

Real-Time Marketing

  • Refers to real-time marketing and involves creating and distributing marketing content that responds to current events, moments, or discussions as they occur.
  • It requires constant media monitoring and rapid response to events to maximize timeliness.
  • Real-time marketing is often used in social media, where speed of response is crucial to audience engagement.
  • It can include user interactions, live comments, participation in trends, or social events.

In summary, newsjacking focuses on hooking into existing topics, while real-time marketing requires ongoing response to events as they occur. Both strategies aim to increase brand engagement and communication but differ in how and at what speed they respond to current events.

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