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The stronger your website is, the more it sells. Learn what long tail keywords is, and why it is important.
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What is Long Tail Keywords - Definition

Long tail keywords is an extended-phrase, usually consisting of 3 or more words. Participants use it in order to obtain precise results of searched services, products, and information. Long tail keyword phrases are characterized by a higher conversion rate than generic phrases but also a lower number of organic searches.

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Note: There is a correlation between search traffic and ranking potential. Words with a high search volume will have low ranking potential, and terms with a lower search volume will allow for better results with higher ranking potential.

Search terms volume vs seo difficulty plus keyword variations

Why is it worth using long tail keyword in Search Engines Optimization?

Long tail queries are used by people who are more aware of the service or product they are searching for. These phrases are typically represented by a smaller number of search queries, but this is connected with less competition. That translates into a shorter time needed to be found on high positions in search results as they applied to the target audience directly. Also, their number is definitely more significant than the number of generic phrases (short tail keyword).

Thanks to the fact that long tail searches more accurately respond to user expectations, they have a lower rejection rate in digital marketing activities. Less popular keywords typically generate much lower costs, not only in the process of positioning but also for people who use paid advertising in the promotion of their product or service (Google Ads Keyword Planner).

How to find long tail keywords?

When you do keyword research and want to find out some keyword ideas, you can use two simple tricks from Google and some keyword research tools like a free plug-in for Google Chrome called Keyword Surfer. 

Google autocomplete keyword suggestions.

This is a fantastic source of long-tail keyword ideas. Just start typing your primary keyword into the Google search box and see what variations Google suggests.

Google related keywords search

You can find it on the first page, where long tail keywords related searches are displayed with other long tail keyword variations at the bottom of the page as alternative suggestions.

Keyword Surfer

To find out the monthly search volume for specific long tail keywords that you have chosen to use in SEO strategy or any particular keywords, we do recommend trying a free tool called Keyword SurferThanks to that, you can decide on promising keywords that will balance be twine search volume and difficulty.

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