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What is Bounce Rate - Definition

Bounce rate - is the data that tells you how many users are engaging with the content they see. Google Analytics calculates a page's bounce rate based on users who visited your website or a landing page, clicked nothing, and left it quickly.  Marketers must understand the importance of a website's bounce rate in digital marketing to improve their business performance.

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How bad is a high bounce rate?

Some bounce rates are perfectly normal, but if your visitors bounce in the range of 70%-100% in single-page sessions, it's usually the sign that you need to work on the specific page to increase user engagement. It means that users are not finding what they are looking for on your site. In addition to losing users with uninviting site content and landing pages, you are also losing value, according to Google, which will result in less visibility for your website online.

What is a good bounce rate?

There is no one fixed and a good average site's bounce rate for a particular page. It all depends primarily on what the intent of the searcher is and what happens to them after they visit your site. Even if the exit rate is 90% because a user only visits your site to check, for example, today's dollar exchange rate and leaves after 3 seconds, it is important whether he/she continues searching for this information on other sites, or types in a different version of this keyword and continues searching. If he ended up searching for the answer on your site - SUPER!

How to improve your bounce rate?

If you fight bad conversion rates of your site visitors, you can do a couple of things. E.g., improve your page load time of a single page or more than one page, fix any poor user experience (sometimes pop ups on the pages on your site are considered bad user experience factor), and write better content on individual pages, so the website visitors who found you in the search results in the organic search. This can also include writing a clear title tag and meta description so a searcher can know exactly what they will find on your page.

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