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What is Ahrefs - Definition

Ahrefs - is one of the SEO tools used in the Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing industry. Mainly, Ahrefs is used to analyze the linking profile. With Ahrefs' help, we can collect information on inbound links, also known as backlinks, and at the same time measure the parameters and quality of individual links.

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This instrument offers invaluable support in in-depth research into issues related to linking, page visibility, search traffic (organic traffic), or the subjective value of a domain. Thanks to Ahrefs SEO campaigns and SEO efforts are more effective, and SEO professionals appreciate its value.

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How do Ahrefs get its data?

Ahrefs acquires data by scanning the internet 24/7 for information on links, keywords, traffic, etc. This data is then integrated and analyzed against other information from Google's servers (the ones you can find in your Google Analytics) and other tools. Ahrefs rank tracker and content explorer tool use crawlers and data from independent databases. They are not affiliated with any search engines or similar services, so Ahrefs can provide legit data on which you can build your visibility in organic search results.  

Ahrefs tools - best features

Link building - Ahrefs offers a free version of the backlink profile data checker that helps with link-building strategies. SEO performance deeply depends on backlink data and is one of the essential factors for organic search traffic.

Site Explorer - allows you to study organic traffic by monitoring the keywords your competitors are displaying. In addition, with the help of the Ahrefs tool, it is possible to check which sites link to the websites of companies in a similar industry.

Keyword research - You can discover organic keyword ideas alongside metrics like keyword rankings, keyword competition and keyword difficulty factors. Ahrefs keyword explorer will present basic SEO metrics like search volume, click, and cost per click for a particular keyword.

Competitor analysis - Comparing several domains shows the differences in expected traffic and keyword data. It tells you which competitor's website gets visited by the most people, which of our competitors' content is the most popular on social media, and what generates the most valuable traffic. Primary competitors analysis includes Ahrefs rank, URL Rating, Domain Rating, and Referring domains.

Ahrefs Site Audit - This function crawls all of your pages – then provides an overall SEO health score, visualizes critical data in charts, flags all possible technical SEO issues, like broken links and provides recommendations on how to fix them.

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