How to make a website for free with one click on Google?

Google business sites are free, you can create them with one click, boosting your company's Google ranking. Learn how to build one now!
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How to make a website for free with one click on Google?

The free website builder for businesses from Google is considered a relatively intuitive and easy tool for creating websites. Business Google sites lets you create a website for your business without any programming experience or technical knowledge of web development.

The intuitive and easy-to-use editor helps you launch a site for your business with literally one click. In as little as 5 seconds, the site is visible on the Internet.

In addition to allowing users to visit it, business Google sites also positively impact your company's online visibility and Google profile ranking.

Why should you build a website using Google's free tool?

It's very simple and obvious:

  • First of all, it's free - usually, the cost of creating a professional website by a programmer and a web designer starts at a couple of thousand.
  • You can create it quickly in 5 seconds with one click on the publish button.
  • It looks pretty good - the created page immediately pulls data from your company profile on Google, which means that as soon as you build it, it contains valuable and engaging content for its visitors.
  • Editing is trivial - the editor, which allows you to add content or change the headline, is super easy, and navigating through it presents no problem, even for a non-tech person. We promise - it's not more complicated than other Google tools, such as Google docs.
  • It displays on the Internet, promotes your business, and positively affects the ranking and visibility of your company profile on Google. It's an often forgotten but important factor for good search engine optimization (SEO).

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- Why should you build a website using Google's free tool?

- How to build a free Google website using a Google business profile (with pictures)

How visible is your business profile on Google

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How to build a free Google website using a Google business profile (with pictures)

Follow the steps below, and you'll create a business Google site for your business.

1. Type in Google: "My business" or the name of your company

The first step is to find the Google business profile that you manage and for which you want to create a free Google website. Be sure to be logged into the correct Google account (with your Gmail).

how to find free website builder in Google

2. Click on Edit profile

The next step is to click on the button to edit your profile.

3. Click on: Business information

Then click on edit your company information.

4. Find and click the section: Website

Now find the section with the website and click on it.

5. You should see there the information about creating a site. Click Manage or Create.

Find the information that you can create and manage a site on Google. Click on the button.

Google website builder

6. In the upper right corner, click: Publish

Now find the button in the view for publishing the page. It's at the top right in the corner.

How to make website free on Google tutorial

And done! You have just created a free site for your company on Google.

All by yourself and without the slightest problem, you have created a website in a few seconds.

Are you satisfied? I sure hope so!

From that point on, notice that new Google sites start to work and positively affect your company's visibility on the Internet, making you reach hundreds, thousands, or millions of new clients looking for the products or services offered by your company.

How do you edit a free Google company page yourself?

It's very simple. In the view where you published your site, there is a panel on the left where you can edit the page content.

You can, for example, change the primary photo, text, and call to action button, add a submission form, a description, and more.

You can also change the domain name from the Google domains, a web address, page font, and appearance (theme). Take advantage of this, and your site will become even more beautiful than at the beginning.

Can I create a free website for a company on Google even if I already have a regular website?

Of course! In that case, this free page can either be your company's main page to which you will refer customers or simply appear in Google and act as a directory of company profile data.

It will further strengthen the company profile and your main website and allow them to climb to the top of Google rankings.

Don't hesitate to do this. Just remember to set the correct page in your company profile on Google. Sometimes, after publishing a free website, it becomes the home page in your business profile, and you have to change it later. Don't worry; it won't take more than 5 seconds.


In a few simple steps, you have just learned how to create a free website for your company on Google. You may not be able to build a proper online store with it as it lacks some ecommerce tools, but it lets small business owners create a basic site that improves web presence and works fine with the search engines.

Don't hesitate to build one because the longer you don't have one, the longer your company's profile suffers from its absence is less visible and reaches fewer customers.

Publish a free page for your company now and enjoy better visibility and more satisfied customers. Good luck!

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