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What is Widget - Definition

Widget - a basic element of a graphical user interface (for example, a window, an input field, a slider, a button), which allows certain information to be automatically displayed on a website. It also affects how the user interacts with the website or application. The widgets enhances the functionality of the website, allowing for example its integration with social media and the display of comments from social media such as Facebook. The word widget in English appeared in the 1920s and means a useful object, especially in the context of its commercial production.

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Example of weatger widget in Google Android

Different types of widgets

Widgets are provided by graphical environment libraries. Unlike a text interface, where the smallest graphical unit is the character, widgets are displayed on the screen with pixel accuracy. Widget functions:

  • transferring user data or commands to the program
  • visualising data or information about the status of the program on the screen
  • managing other widgets (container widgets)

Home screen widget

Desktop widget - a small program that runs on a user's desktop, usually connecting to the internet and presenting specific information. The most popular home screens widgets are:

  • Weather widget app
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Facebook

Widget suggestion typically refer to favorite apps. The desktop widgets of individual operating systems or programs cannot be used interchangeably.

Why implement a particular widget on your website?

Most often a widget is displayed in the footer or side panel, it can also slide in from the side when you hover over a specific element. Widgets are simple to use and configure and have become an essential part of any website design, marketing and UX strategy. They take up little space, but the benefits they bring can be huge. Using widgets helps to engage users, offer valuable information and make the site functional and enjoyable to use.

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