A webinar is a live event consisting of virtual sessions held on-line for a live audience. They are hosted by one person or presented through an expert group sharing knowledge about specific subjects. Webinars offer the chance for the audience to meet with experts easily and affordably. Despite using webinars as a demand generation tool, marketers often conduct webinar sessions to provide an array of training and to share information on new technology to product launches and internal meetings. In the years before the live webinar virtual boom, webinar software platform have soared in numbers due to the increase in digital content and increased productivity.‍
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What is webinar - definition

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How do webinars work?

Similar to an online workshop, a webinar usually involves presenting a speaker or a panel for about 60 minutes. Usually, webinar invitations for upcoming webinars can be send to webinar registration participants. When watching online webinars, it is common to talk via chat or messaging, though who is hosting webinars can also have microphones used as a speaker for questions.

In general, webinar attendees reach about a hundred participants, with 260 registrations, with 40-550% participation. Successfully live webinars can typically reach 500+ viewers at any point. To increase webinar engagement, most webinars are free but can also be paid.

Best webinar hosting software and webinar format

While sharing useful information is crucial to any webinar session, one thing you must know before registering for an online webinar is what webinar software to use. Is there anything worse than a webinar host having to deal with embarrassing technical problems? Fortunately, there is plenty of good webinar software available for all budgets. It all depends on how many people attend, the webinar content and their expectations to see the event, and what features they need for example - webinar recording.

How can I schedule and host a webinar?

It is possible to conduct a successful webinar and communicate effectively with your clients - webinar work in many factors. Hosting an interactive webinar is the easiest way to generate leads, train internal staff, and engage new customers. To start creating an effective webinar, you may use the Zoho Meeting video webcasting software. 1. Sign up for your Zohu meetings profile. 2Click Schedule Webinars. 4. Provide the description and a suitable date and time for the scheduled webinar. 4In consecutive steps, add a co-organizer or promote a webinar via e-mail invites and registrations. Click Finish for scheduled webinars.

Online seminar screen sharing

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