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Web search engine - Definition

Web search engine - is a website or software that finds information on the Internet on keywords typed by users in the search box. It allows users to easily and quickly find content that interests them. The user enters key phrases or keywords into the search engine and receives a list of content results that best match the entered query according to the search engine. They show as a list of web pages, images, videos, or other online data. Web search engines navigate the Internet by checking websites and following the links it encounters there to discover new, related sites and new content.

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Search engines history

Birth of search engines- The first well-known search engine that searched content files was Archie, which debuted on 10 September 1990. One of the first crawler-based search engines was WebCrawler, introduced in 1994. It lets users search for any word on any webpage, which has become the standard for all major search engines. It was also the search engine that was widely known by the public. Also, in 1994, Lycos was launched and became a major commercial venture. The first well-known search engine on the Web was Yahoo! Search. It became one of the most known ways for people to find web pages, but its search function operated on its web index rather than the full-text content of web pages.

Post dot-com bubble - Around 2000, Google's search engine arise to importance. The company achieved better results than many other search tools using PageRank algorithm. This interactive algorithm ranks web pages based on the number of different websites and pages that link to them. Google also maintained a minimalist interface to its search engine. By 2000, Yahoo! provided its search services based on Inktomi's search engine. Microsoft first launched MSN (Microsoft Search Network) in late 1998. It has used search results based on Inktomi. After that, in early 1999, the MSN search began to display listings from Looksmart, mixed with results from Inktomi. In 2004, Microsoft started developing and transiting its own search engine technology, powered by its web crawler (called msnbot).

Search engine market share in 2022

Best search engines

The most popular search engine with the most significant market share of over 90% is Google search engine. It has risen to provenance partly thanks to being set up as the default search engine in the Google Chrome web browser. Thanks to the many years of development is the best search engine based on the web page.

There are plenty of alternative search engines offering different functionalities and points of focus. The new trend focuses on being anonymous in the search queries presented to search engines, especially hiding search history. One of the most attractive other search engines is a private search engine DuckDuckGo or the very new Brave Search.

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