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What is Web Hosting - Definition

Web hosting services - is essential if you want to have your own website. You need hosting in addition to the website and domain name. You can set up a website on your own computer, but if you want your website to be accessible 24/7 and reliable, such a computer is a hosting server. The service of making space and resources available on it is called hosting. The owner of the server web hosting service (WordPress hosting, for example) provides us with a place where we can store all the necessary data: small websites, complex services, online stores or large media portals, multimedia files, photos, or e-mail accounts.

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Best Web Hosting services?

If the hosting from your web hosts will not work properly, our website will not be available on the Internet, so it is worth choosing the best offer for us. You should definitely pay attention to the dedicated server parameters given by the dedicated hosting provider.

  • Uptime - 99.9 uptime guarantees it the standard.
  • Technical condition and connection speed - It is important that the drives and other components necessary for the server to function properly are in good working condition. And the quality and speed of the internet connection that the shared hosting company has will determine the speed of your website display.
  • Security - A web hosting service provider should ensure the security of servers and untrusted data, including protection of personal data, including customers and their accounts, both in paper form (photocopying of documents) and electronic form (protection of servers against hackers attacks). Free SSL certificates becoming more popular as well.
  • Disk space limit - For a simple website (standard business card), a disk space limit of 200MB may be sufficient, but websites with a larger number of photos, videos or multimedia files will require much more space. If you are going to use a company e-mail established under the domain of the website, it will very quickly turn out that you need much more disk space. That is why nowadays, even the smallest accounts among the options available among hosting companies usually have a limit of around 1GB
  • Customer Support - It is very important is the speed of response to technical questions. Sometimes you have to wait a few days for an answer, but there are also companies where you can get an answer within a few hours.

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