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What is Web Browser - Definition

Web Browser - is a computer program that allows interacting with the world wide web (WWW), hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), and file transfer protocol (FTP). The browser software, by sending requests to the web server, will enable you to open web pages from a specific web address, search for information, browse the Internet, download files or play various types of multimedia. You can think about a web browser as an interface for the internet environment.

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History and early web browsers.

  • The first browser was designed by Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web, who prepared it in December 1990. The program was a text-only browser and was distributed to a group of people at the CERN institute in March 1991.
  • The first browser with a graphical interface was Erwise, developed in April 1992 by students at Helsinki University of Technology.
  • The first browser to achieve widespread popularity was Mosaic. Its authors were Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina of NCSA.
  • The first web browser you might hear of was Opera, created in 1994, before Netscape and Internet Explorer. Its creators were employees of a research team from Telenor's telecommunications company in Oslo.
  • In 1994 at Netscape Communications Corporation, the Netscape Navigator debuted as the first commercial browser.
  • On August 23, 1995, Windows released the Internet Explorer and the Windows 95 operating system. After one year, the program already had 1/3 of the market, and after another three years, it became the leader. Until around 2012, Microsoft Internet Explorer had a dominant position on the global market, but it lost it to third-party browsers.

What is the best web browser in 2022?

The ongoing browser war on the browser market means that web browsing software constantly evolves towards greater ergonomics, usability, and user convenience. Most web browsers meet many requirements and are far from only displaying a web page.

As of the beginning of 2022, the most popular web browsers are:

  • Google Chrome with 62.78 %
  • Apple Safari 19.30%
  • Mozilla Firefox 4.02%
  • Edge 4.05%
  • Samsung Internet 2.77%
  • Opera 2.26%
  • Other browsers 4.64%

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