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What is URL - Definition

URL (Uniform resource locator) - is an acronym for unified resource locator. A URL lets web browsers locate files (HTML, jpg, CSS, etc.) on local networks and the Internet. Then the browser can send a request to a web server asking to display a specific page. Take a look at this example URL - the URL structure can look like this: https//localo.com/blog. Every web address, web page, file, image, etc., has its URL.

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What the URL looks like?

Typically, websites start with "https://" and end with ".com," followed by the name and URL. After the HTTP, URL can also contain 'www' (world wide web). Then it is possible to find a directory name on that page. ... URLs are often called Web-based addresses.

For a file, it might be to "special-offer.pdf"

For an image, it might be to "few-dogs.png"

How do I find my URL?

Open a web browser such as Google Chrome. Type your company name into Google and go to the website. At the very top, there is a browser address bar containing your URL - click and copy it. And here is your own URL.

where the URL is

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