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What is UI (User Interface) - Definition

User interface (UI) - In computing, these are all the elements of an application, a web page, that allow interaction between the user and the system. UI design is part of UX (User Experience). Interface design is the final phase of creating a user experience. This activity requires UI and UX designers to have a sense of aesthetics, creativity, and psychology. Software interface elements are all the graphical elements that help in communication between the user and the application/site/program. An excellent graphical user interface includes visual design, scheme, text layout, animations, buttons,

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User interfaces designer job

 A UI designer is mainly responsible for building the language of communication between the user and the program. He is responsible for preparing such elements as the visible structure of the page, visual representations of the menu, content distribution, graphic design, photo galleries, etc. Both for web and mobile, MacOS and Windows operating systems.

An essential aspect of the UI designer's work is to optimize the tools used by the user while using a website or application - these include a control panel, navigation, or even a voice user interface. Generally speaking, the most critical task of a user interface designer is to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional product, often relying on existing UI design patterns.

UI vs. UX - similarities and differences

UX and UI designers work closely. A well-designed user interface enables users to interact with UI elements in a user-friendly and logical order following a command-line interface. UX design process is more focused on ensuring that the user best perceives the product. It is challenging to capture the specific differences between user experience and user interface, but you can approximate them through examples. The following list will give a partial overview of the most critical divergences in the work of a UX Designer and UI Designer. In reality, however, these divisions are a bit more nuanced.

UX Designer - Skills: analysis, empathy, interpersonal skills, drawing conclusions, combining information, interdisciplinary, Testing products, Listing to the user input, Using multiple sources, actively consulting, working in various fields including marketing, web analytics, building an interaction design.

UI Designers - Skills: a sense of aesthetics, creativity, knowledge of the latest web design trends, professional use of IT tools, creates products, works with the programs and graphical user interfaces. Relies heavily on user interface design patterns, personas, etc. created by self, plans, uses own resources, and visual elements.

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