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What is SSL - Definition

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) - is a network protocol that secures communication between web browsers and servers. Its task is to secure connection by encrypting data transmission for internet communications, most often, confidential information that you type in forms (e-mail addresses, passwords, contact data). It has been a standard for encryption on WWW pages. Due to their effectiveness, the SSL certificates quickly found use, especially in securing electronic banking transactions, online auctions, and online payment systems.

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Why do we use SSL protocol?

If you send information through a form on a not SSL-secured website, sensitive data can be easily intercepted and read. When a website is SSL secured, the data transmitted between the web browser and the web server is encrypted with appropriate keys (in both directions).

SSL certificate drastically increases the security of data transmitted over the Internet.

How does SSL data encryption work?

The security protocol is a mathematical process that encodes and decodes information. The number of bits tells you the size of the key used for encryption. As with a longer password, a longer key has more possible combinations. Therefore, an essential parameter for the security of encrypted information is the keys' length. The longer they are, the more difficult it is to decrypt the data. The suggested key length for asymmetric keys (using a public key) is currently 2048 bits.

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