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What is Seoquake - Definition

Seoquake - is one of the most well-known browser plugins that gives you the ability to analyze pages for Search Engine Optimization in the Google index. This SEO audit tool is available as a plugin for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox web browsers. It allows you to check any page for indexed subpages in a search engine, the number of links leading to it, or the occurrence of critical phrases, and many other major metrics. It also tracks social metrics such as likes and shares on social media. Seoquake provides a complete SEO audit and key SEO metrics. It is worth mentioning that SEOquake uses data from SEMrush.

Table of contest

What SEO parameters you can check with Seoquake:

  • title and meta description,
  • keyword density report,
  • comparison of domains or URLs,
  • robots.txt file,
  • occurrence of keywords and their density in the site content,
  • canonical address,
  • H1 - H6 headings,
  • presence of structural data,
  • site maps,
  • report internal and external links,
  • occurrence of keywords and their density in the site content,
  • and more

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