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What is Screaming Frog - Definition

Screaming Frog - is a powerful website crawler that allows you to analyze the on-site factors of a selected website. The program is available for Windows, MacOS, and Ubuntu devices. Screaming Frog is available both as a free version with a limit of 500 crawled sites and as a subscription version without any limitations. The advantages of Screaming Frog, pointed out by users, are simple operation, intuitive interface, extensive functionality, and a significant crawl depth.

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What to use Screaming Frog SEO spider for?

This software program is a great helper for people who want to audit their website for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With its support, you can check the site's structure and detect anomalies occurring on it. Screaming Frog allows you to find broken links, examine page titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords, and get a view of all the external links. With this tool, you will get clear tips on what to improve to better prepare the site for search engines, web browsers, and users.

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Screaming Frog integrations

Screaming Frog easily and quickly allows for additional integration with tools, allowing for even more accurate analysis of the scanned page. We can connect the program with Google Analytics code, Google Search Console, and PSI (PageSpeed Insights) to obtain more data. Screaming Frog allows SEO specialists to create an extensive on-site analysis. The tool is used equally for analyzing small websites, medium portals, or large online stores.

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