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What is Pagination - Definition

Pagination—also known as paging, occurs most often in online shops and complex blogs. Pagination is the division of content, product list, or entries into successive pages on the website. Pagination is a user-friendly solution that helps display pages and navigates the site with every page link.

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The navigation section most often shows a user his current page, the first and last page. It also allows you to organize the site while increasing its efficiency. It can be an alternative to infinite scroll, which sometimes generates some problems for Google robots responsible for indexing paginated content. Multiple pages will allow the user to get acquainted with the content of the bookmark and will also speed up the loading of the elements. However, avoid dividing content into multiple page links by force, as with news sites. This practice provides more page views in Google Analytics statistics but does not provide a positive experience to screen readers. It makes it difficult to get to the part that interests the user.

Example of pagination component used by Google in search results with page numbers

Pagination of web pages vs. Google

If the content of subsequent pages (and not just the first) contains valuable content, we should ensure that it is accessible to Google robots. This is important, for example, in the case of product listings, where subsequent pages of pagination contain products that we want to show to customers. The rel="prev" and rel="next" attribute used on pagination pages indicate to robots the previous and next page, allowing them to understand our site's structure better.

Google must find an internal page link to the following pages. When doing this, it is best to ensure that pagination links are in the page's source code. Google recommends adding "noindex" on pages that do not benefit users. For others, the best solution is to allow them to be indexed.

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