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What is keyword - Definition

Keyword - is any search phrase that you and your customers type in Google or other search engines that generates the search queries showing multiple web pages as the search results. The keyword is a search term used on the web to rank pages on Google for specific keywords. All search phrases or words in search engines are considered keywords. Keywords are the foundation of all the efforts regarding search engine optimization (SEO) for your website.

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Why do keywords matter?

Choosing keywords that align with customer needs throughout the sales funnel allows your business to target content effectively. Before this happens, you should know what keywords matter. Keywords should be an essential part of any website optimization. They represent the most valuable results of your research and are a key metric of your success. In simple terms, your content will continually improve with new, target keywords that answer what your target audience types in Google to find a business like yours. With the improved content optimized for particular phrases, you will notice more significant traffic to your website and higher conversion (website visitors that turned into paying customers).

How to find the best keywords?

For the keyword research, it will be best to use particular tools that will help you. Add Keyword Surfer as an extension to your Google Chrome browser. It is a dedicated keyword research tool. With it, you will be able to find keywords searched by users, check their search volume, show keyword difficulty, and build yourself a database of similar long-tail keywords. Then, you can create content that will perfectly answer questions of your potential users and their Google searches.

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