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What is Kerning - Definition

Kerning - is the process of adjusting the space between letters in a text to improve its aesthetics and readability. In marketing and among graphic designers, kerning is used to optimise the space between two letters in typographic logos, headlines and other visual elements to enhance the visual appeal and professional appearance of advertising materials. Done well, kerning ensures that text is evenly and attractively spaced, resulting in better visual brand communication.

Text and kerning letters

Types of Kerning

  1. Optical Kerning - this is the manual adjustment of optimal spacing by a graphic designer or typographer to achieve the best visual effect. This requires visual judgement and is often used for unusual letter combinations.
  2. Metric Kerning (or Automatic Kerning) - this is font kerning based on spacing information, designed by the font creator. Word processing and graphic design programs automatically apply these 
  3. Parial Kerning (or Tabular Kerning) - is a type of kerning pair that corrects spacing for specific letters (e.g., 'AV,' 'To,' 'LA') that often require individual adjustment due to their shapes.
  4. Manual Kerning (or Individual Kerning) - refers to the user's individual adjustment of the space letter spacing, allowing fine control over the appearance of the text.

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When is kerning used?

The use of kerning skills is primarily intended to improve the readability and achieve consistent visual spacing of text, especially in graphic design and typography. Here are some examples of when kerning is particularly important:

  • Logo and Corporate Identity Design - to ensure that the brand name is easy to read and visually appealing.
  • Creating Headlines and Titles - for large font sizes where the spacing between letters is more prominent.
  • Designing Advertising Materials - in leaflets, posters, banners where the text needs to attract attention quickly and be readable.
  • Print and Digital Publications - in books, magazines, brochures and online publications to improve the overall look of the text.
  • Creating Graphics for Social Media - in posts and graphics where the message needs to be clear and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Website Design - in headlines, menus and other text elements on a website.

Kerning in Online Marketing

In Online Marketing, kerning adjustments play an important role in creating mathematically equal spacing for digital content. The correct use of kerning in website text, online ads, social media graphics or marketing emails is key to ensuring that messages are clear and visually appealing. By using kerning, brands can more effectively capture the attention of audiences, increase user engagement and stand out from the competition. In the digital age, where first impressions are often based on visual messaging, the appropriate use of kerning can significantly impact brand perception and the effectiveness of online marketing efforts.

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