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Learn what is IP address is and how to check it. Click and read more.
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What is IP address - Definition

IP address - (eng. Internet Protocol Address) Your IP address is a unique identifier associated with your online activity. It is the address given to computers or other devices that use a network interface for communication between a minimum of two devices. IP addresses are used on the Internet (public network) and local networks. It does not uniquely identify a particular device in the network because there can be many computers under one IP address, and the address can change dynamically.

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Is IP address moving with you?

No. Your IP is only associated with one location (static IP). When you are at your home and connecting to your internet service provider, you use one. However, search the news at a local grocery shop while waiting for your coffee, and then work from a park, you will have used different IP addresses at each location.

How is the IP address structured, and how to check it?

Since 1977, the fourth version has been used to assign IP addresses. In IPv4, an IP address is a 32-bit integer, stored as a sequence of 4 numbers, usually represented in decimal and separated by periods. The initial numbers specify the local network address, and the final numbers specify the computer or set of computers. Sometimes the hexadecimal or binary system is also used.

To find out what address you present yourself with on the Internet, or if you would like to check what your IP address is, visit the following page. This is one of many sites that allows you to check your public IP address.

Positioning vs. IP address

Every web server is assigned an IP address, which may contain even thousands of other domains, which negatively affects the positioning of your pages. To prevent a possible drop in position, you can purchase a separate IP address service from most hosting providers.

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