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What is HTTPS - Definition

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) - This is a secure version of HTTP; this prevents interception and alteration of the transmitted data protocol on the web servers. HTTPS is a layer above transport layer security (TLS) at the presentation layer, so TLS keys are exchanged first, then the request. Due to security reasons and Google's preference for HTTPS pages, more and more website owners are switching from plain HTTP sites to supporting HTTPS. Building an HTTPS site improves their visibility on the search engines. Using HTTPS connections increases the security of your personal data. Still, it does not encrypt all the information, like the IP address of your device or the name of the website you are visiting.

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marker for https websites in the modern web browsers

HTTPS connection

Using an HTTPS connection increases the security of your personal data, but it does not encrypt all the information, such as the IP address of your device or the name of the website you are visiting. Moreover, using encrypted websites will not protect us from being infected by viruses or phishing for confidential information if we send it through a form on phishing sites. HTTPS works well wherever user data is collected, such as online forums, social networking sites, and commenting sites.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure overview: 

  • HTTPS uses port 443 by default.
  • HTTPS url begins with https://
  • HTTPS encrypts the data sent between the web server and the client. It protects data transfer from being intercepted, read, and modified.
  • HTTPS encrypts information through an SSL certificate or an extended version of TLS.

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