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What is Google Scholar - Definition

Google Scholar - is a scientific search engine created by Google that allows users to search full-text scholarly documents, online databases and scholarly publications from different fields of knowledge and publication formats for free. Google Scholar is a tool used by academics, students and professionals to search for scientific research, track citations, keyword searches and stay current in their field of knowledge.

Google Scholar's search results

What is search Google Scholar used for?

Google Scholar serves as a specialised online search engine for searching scientific and scholary literature. It is a tool that allows users such as students, researchers, academics and professionals to access a wide range of research materials including:

  • Journal articles,
  • Conference papers,
  • Doctoral dissertations and Master's theses,
  • Abstracts and abstracts,
  • Academic books and book chapters,
  • Technical reports,
  • Patents and jurisprudence.

Users can use Google Scholar to quickly search for reliable scholarly sources, track citations and publication history, find related research and build their own bibliography. The search engine also offers a feature to create alerts so that users can keep up to date with the latest publications in their chosen fields. Google Scholar is valued for its ability to integrate with university libraries, allowing access to the full texts of articles if they are available in library subscriptions.

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Google Scholar - functions

Scientific literature search: Allows you to search a wide range of scholarly materials from around the world in multiple languages.

Citation tracking: Allows you to track how many times a paper has been cited in other papers, which can be an indicator of its scientific impact.

Finding related works: Indicates works related to and cited by a particular publication.

Saving sources: Users can save articles to their personal library for easy reference.

Alerting: Ability to set alerts for new publications matching specific search criteria.

How to search for information?

To effectively search results on Google Scholar, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Google Scholar's home page: Go to
  2. Enter a query: In the search box, enter keywords, the title of the paper, the author's name or other phrases related to the topic you are interested in.
  3. Filter the results: Once you have entered your query and retrieved your results, you can use the available filters to narrow your results by publication date, authors, sources and other criteria.
  4. Advanced Search: For more precise results, use the 'Advanced Search' option where you can specify additional parameters such as exact phrases, exclusion of specific words or searching in specific publications.
  5. Review the results: Scroll through the list of results, noting the titles of the papers, authors and source of publication. You can click on the title to check the abstract or access the full text if available.
  6. Save citations: If you want to use cited material, you can copy the citation format or use bibliography management tools such as EndNote, RefMan or BibTeX.
  7. Set up notifications: If you want to keep up to date with new publications in your field, set up email notifications in Google Scholar search for your queries.


Google Scholar is Google's advanced search platform, dedicated to the academic and research community. It provides access to a rich database of scientific literature across disciplines. With features such as citation tracking, identification of related research and saving sources, Google Scholar is a valuable tool for researchers to develop knowledge, conduct literature reviews and support publication processes. In a marketing context, Google Scholar library can be used to build scholarly authority, promote research and publications, and position experts and institutions as leaders in their fields.

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