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What is Google News? - Definition

Google News - is a news industry created by Google that collects and presents news articles, updates from a variety of news sources. Google News is available worldwide and provides users with updated news stories from a variety of subject categories, such as politics, economy, culture, sports and others, in digital form.

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How does Google News work?

Google News is an advanced news platform that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to scan, index and present news site from various news sources around the world. These algorithms analyse vast amounts of content in real time, selecting the most relevant and timely articles for users. Google News classifies information by topic, popularity and credibility of sources, and personalises content based on a user's previous interactions with the site and their interests. As a result, users receive a tailored compilation of news from different categories such as politics, economy, technology, entertainment and more. The platform also takes into account the user's location, presenting regional and local news that may be particularly relevant to them.

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Is it worth being displayed in Google News?

Being displayed in Google News can bring many benefits, especially for news publishers and website owners who want to increase their visibility and traffic. Here are some of the benefits that Google News brings.

1. Increased traffic: Quality news displayed on Google News can generate significant amounts of traffic to news websites due to their high exposure to current topics.

2. Reaching new audiences: Google News can help you reach readers who may not yet be familiar with your brand or content.

3. Credibility and authority: Being included in a reputable news portal such as Google News can reinforce your brand's credibility and perception as an authority in your field.

4. Fast indexing: Quality content published on Google News is often indexed faster by Google search engine, meaning that new articles can appear in search results faster than standard web content.

5. Monetisation opportunities: Increased traffic and new users can translate into increased revenue opportunities, either through direct monetisation of content or through increased sales of products or services.

6. Personalisation: With Google News, users have the ability to personalise content, meaning that your articles can be recommended to people interested in a particular topic.

How to check traffic from Google News?

To monitor traffic coming from Google News, you can use analytical tools such as Google Analytics. These allow you to track the sources of visits, including traffic generated by Google News, as well as analyse user behaviour on the website.

How to get into Google News?

To get into Google News, you need to meet certain criteria and go through an application process. Here are the steps you can take to increase your chances of acceptance:

  • Familiarise yourself with Google News guidelines: Before submitting, make sure your website and its content meet Google's guidelines for publishers. Google News prefers high quality, original news headlines that is timely and provides value to the reader.
  • Create valuable content: Regularly publish timely articles that are well-written, reliable and cover important or current events. Personalized content should be unique to your site and not copied from other sources.
  • Take care of the technical quality of your site: Make sure your website is fast, responsive and easy to navigate. It should also be suitable for mobile devices and have a clear layout.
  • Site structure: Your site should have a clearly defined structure, with easily accessible contact, author information and privacy policy.
  • Use Google Publisher Center: Create an account on Google Publisher Center and submit your site. You will need to provide information about your site and set up news sections.
  • Submit your site: Once you have prepared your site and made sure it meets all the criteria, you can submit your site to Google News via Google Publisher Center.
  • Awaiting review: Once submitted, your site will be reviewed by the Google News team. This process may take several weeks.

Remember that Google News services involve maintaining high journalistic standards and regularly publishing valuable global news content.

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