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What is Google Merchant Center - Definition

Google Merchant Center (GMC), also known as Google Merchant Center, is a tool offered by Google that allows online merchants to showcase their products on various Google platforms, such as Google Search, Google Store, Google Ads and Shopping Actions. GMC serves as a repository where merchants can enter their products, manage them and make them available for advertising on Google platforms.

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How does Google Merchant Center work?

Google Merchant Center works by transferring and synchronizing product data between sellers and Google services. Merchants can manage their products, create ad campaigns, set prices, monitor performance metrics and view reports on sales and ads. Google uses this data to display product shopping ad in response to user queries, both on organic results and paid ads. Product ads often include information such as images, prices and product ratings to help attract the attention of potential customers.

What programs can be implemented in Google Merchant Center?

Google Merchant Center offers various programs that can be implemented to expand functionality and achieve better sales results:

  • Google Shopping Actions: This is a program that allows merchants to run Google shopping ads through multi-channel shopping. With Shopping Actions, merchants can take orders and sell their products through various Google platforms, such as Google Search, Google Assistant and Google Shopping Store. This program allows for increased product exposure and makes it easier for customers to purchase directly through Google platforms.
  • Shopping Programs: Google Merchant Center offers various shopping programs depending on your region and requirements. These programs allow products to be promoted in dedicated areas on the Google Search page and Google Store. Marketers can use programs such as "Product Listing Ads" (PLA) or "Local Inventory Ads" (LIA) to reach their target audience and display product information in an attractive way.
  • Dynamic Product Ads: With this feature, GMC users can use product data feed to create dynamic shopping ads. These ads automatically adjust content and offers based on user preferences, context and product availability.
  • Product Ad Extensions: GMC allows product ad extensions to be added to traditional text ads within Google Shopping Ads campaigns. These extensions add product information and links directly to text ads, making them more attractive and effective.

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How does Google Shopping work?

Google Shopping is a Google platform that allows retailers to showcase their products to potential customers. It works on the principle of a product search engine that displays product information, prices and the shops where the products are available. The main stages of Google Shopping are:

  1. Product data upload: Sellers upload their product information to Google's Merchant Center. The information includes data such as product name, description, availability, price and links to images.
  2. Verification and approval: Google Merchant Center verifies the uploaded product data for compliance with requirements and regulations. Among other things, format correctness, completeness, quality and compliance with Google's advertising policy are checked.
  3. Creation of advertising campaigns: Based on the uploaded product data in Google Merchant Center, retailers create advertising campaigns in Google Ads. They can define product groups, set budgets, target regions or preferences for specific products.
  4. Displaying results: When users search for products related to a query in Google, Google Shopping results can appear in the Shopping section of the search results page.
  5. Click-through and redirection: Users can click on the displayed products in Google Shopping results, which takes them to the product page on the retailer's website. There they can find out more about the product, see additional information, compare prices and make a purchase.

How to create a Google Merchant Center account?

To create an account with Google Selling Center, first of all, you need to register on the Google Merchant Center website and provide business information such as name, URL and contact information. Once the account is approved, the seller can proceed to add information about their products, such as name, price, description, images, etc. This data can be imported using CSV or XML files, and can be updated using the application programming interface (API).

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